Share Your Desserts!

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Which is better?

Cake 16 vote(s) 61.5%
Pie 10 vote(s) 38.5%
  1. So this past weekend I had a lovely visit from FDNY21 and I managed to convince him to bake heaven, I mean brownies, with me ^_^ We even managed to do so without setting the kitchen on fire (Which is always a good thing!) :p You can see pictures of our progress here:

    Not only is the kitchen still in tact, but we did make these gorgeous, yummy things which look amazing:

    And well... this picture is as good as it gets to me sharing the noms with you!

    However, I want to see what your noms look like!

    Post pictures of your yummy desserts here, and we can all oogle over the delicious sight of em ^_^ Think of it like "Show Yourself" but for food! :p
  2. Not only did they look amazing, they tasted amazing too! Glad we didn't burn the kitchen down... They went amazingly well thanks to my little chef! c:

    Sharing? By the way, only sharing brownies with me, sorry! :rolleyes:
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  3. No. I will not share my desserts.

    They are mine.
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  4. They did taste amazing <3_<3 And you were lucky I shared with you :3

    I understand your protectiveness, but I'd still love to see them c:
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  5. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
    But even Lord knows desserts are always a good time :p

    What I have is from last Christmas when I hand-cut a few fat little budgie sugar-cookies. Almost too cute to eat!

    And I decorated one of them a bit. I hated mixing food dye and digging through a sprinkles bowl for the right colors :p

    No, I am Lucky. Luckygreenbird.
  6. That looks amazing <3_<3 I bet it must have been hard yet satisfying to nom!
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  7. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of yummy desserts, but next time l'm eating dessert I will share with you
    Btw, both of your desserts look awesome especially Lucky. (I have a green budgie) :)
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  8. A Chocolate Glory sundae feat. Fendy <3_<3

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  9. I'll post a picture of my birthday cake soon. Birthday is on the 28th, so in 3 days.
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  10. That sundae was really good, thanks for sharing my Nony! c:
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  11. These are my new go to treat <3_<3 Simple to make and so delicious!

    Rich Tea biscuit + Nutella + Marshmallows --> Grill --> Yumminess :D

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  12. We must make these go-to treats in just over a week! <3_<3
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  13. I can't even make eggs.
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  14. I hear that you need one of these contraptions...
  15. Where can I buy one of these?
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  16. So during Fendy's recent visit we went to my local desert place... we could have probably shared one x_x We had left overs!

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  17. The brownie one that I had was great! I was going through it and was enjoying it and I hit a wall about half way in and it was just so much... we'll definitely have to share next time! It was good that they had packages to bring them home in though :p
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