Share your creative mode world/build(s)

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  1. Hopefully I'm not the only one who's put some time into Creative mode. IRL, I am an avid skier and the creative mode world I spend the most time on reflects that :p

    This is only a few parts of it. I expand it whenever I feel like it really...

    All of my other creative worlds were lost on a corrupted hard drive. Most were buildings, a lot actually was me trying to make a nice mega-mall that I could then replicate to EMC :p

    Anyways, that aside, do share yours of you wish! :)
  2. First! :p I have a few creative worlds. My favorite is on my other computer, gimme a sec to get some pictures.
  3. boop
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  4. Aw man, I just deleted a big ol' mountain that I made yesterday. I'll prob post a pic when I remake it.
  5. I have 1.5 creative worlds ;)

    My main creative world is pretty obvious, the classic 'flat redstone world'. One layer of bedrock, three layers of stone and then 50 layers of sandstone. I use this to experiment, mess with redstone, rebuild and study redstone designs which I found on youtube (that happens very sporadically nowadays) and optionally build some stuff.

    The second is actually a survival world on my private server which I sporadically play on with my gf. Normally we play in survival mode here but sometimes we allow ourselves to (temporarily) use creative: I set up a commandblock in the main building which can switch our modes.

    And we sometimes use that to "complete" some buildings. For example....

    The bridge was made without cheats, took us ages and gobbled up plenty of resources. But eventually I figured that I didn't really like a 'floating' bridge. It looks a bit unnatural. And those are moments when we allow ourselves to use creative: the pillars you see under the bridge were made in creative. Those weren't really needed, adding them doesn't really affect our game so then we allow ourselves to hop into creative for a moment.

    (it helps if you can play a game while realizing that playing the game (for fun) is just as important as reaching some of your goals).

    One of the reasons we eventually allowed creative was because I couldn't help myself place plenty of (non-lethal) pranks :D For example: ever since I discovered the super turkey on the Empire (it's actually one of my favorite mobs, because I can't help stop laughing during 'fighting') I wanted one myself. At first I used commandblocks, then learned more about creating your own custom mob spawners. So I ended up making a baby zombie riding an "enraged chicken" and made a custom spawner out of that. Then I placed a few of those spawners around an area which we were planning to explore at a later date and that created some pretty hilarious moments :p

    At one time I even forgot about those spawners and ended up in an area filled with those critters, which promptly started to chase me :D

    This is actually my latest prank :p

    When stepping on the pressure plate(s) then this happens:

    The structure (which you can download if you'd like, see this thread) appears together with the warning, after loading a timer will start and (approx.) 2 minutes later some /fill commands (using some command blocks) will reset the area back to default. The pressure plates get disabled and everything is then back to normal.

    SO yah, not really a creative world, but even so strange things sometimes happen here :D
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