Shall or Shant I leave?

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Should I leave?

Yes. 8 vote(s) 16.3%
No. 41 vote(s) 83.7%
  1. Hello EMC, this is one of my few relatively serious posts.

    I haven't had much time for EMC lately, due to RL problems, and everything going on.

    EMC hasn't been what it used to be. I've seen people bashing on newcomers for not reading the guide, and seeing certain threads bashing on a certain former griefer.

    I hate seeing these smart and kind people do this.

    My leave would most likely go unnoticed, so I would like to know, EMC, should I leave?

    ~Devon (Yes, my name is Devon)
  2. Dont leave.
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  3. Dont Leave too many people are leaving as it is. IF you look at the bright side people help each other out all the time.
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  4. I think I joined 218 days ago, since my old account was jameskim885. And yes I agree, EMC wasn't what it used to be. A lot more griefed creations and noobs who asked how to get a res WHEN THEY JUST FINISHED THE TUTORIAL!!! READ THE SIGNS (Sorry for raging)
  5. This 1 guy in smp3 and came on to 4, my home server, and asked how to get a res. And he had a res in smp3. Me and Paranoid told him like 20 times that you can get only 1 res, but all he said was Shut up, u guys are mean!
  6. You have to use a form of "I" after shan't and shall seperately. Shall I, or Shan't I?
  7. Look, right now I'm not concerned about grammar. Nothings been going well for me lately, okay?
  8. Then talk it out with somebody rather than mark brash decisions like this. Talking is therapeutic, and saves you from making decisions you'll regret later on.
  9. I couldn't agree more.

    There is no point in leaving. Taking a break I can see.

    You will have lots of times in your life when nothing goes right. IMO these times allow you to appreciate when things do go right.
    Focus on the things that really matter in life and you'll be fine.
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  10. I am leaving EMC in like 45 days
  11. Yanks don't leave. I remember helping build your house, your a pretty cool guy. STAY!

  12. People are leaving, everyone is SO negative these days..... What happened to this?
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  13. I ended up taking a break, for about 5 days. Hopefully by that time everything will be better, and I'll be back in buisness.

    And, yes, Terr, I remember that too, with Ryuga_XI.
  14. I only plan on leaving EMC when RL catches up with me, and causes me to be to busy.

    I would rather you stay, but I want you to make the decision that makes you happy.
  15. don't be negative yourself please ;)
  16. Whether you stop playing for a while or not, there's no point in a big "I'm leaving post". Take a break and come back when you miss it! If that's never, then you left, if not, you just took a break.

    See you soon! ;)
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  17. Lol off topic but, where is your minion of Ping thing from?
  18. couldn't have said it better myself (Quote stolen from dwight)
  19. How am I?
  20. I think some people say that there leaving but there not. They just do it to get more attention.