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  1. It would be nice if you have move flag set to false, if you could set a chat response for players trying to visit. ' under Construction' or "No trespassing" for example. Using the same commands for enter/exit msg, just have a third set for move msgs. Same colors and character limits, etc.
  2. Oh, I've actually never thought about that before. Good suggestion!
  3. sounds very useful
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  4. Yes, please!
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  5. Yes very useful! I like it! :)
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  6. Good idea, maybe even for supporters only? as like /res message
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  7. * Waits for the usual possible/not possible post from chickeneer *

    Had a thought: that the current message system may be triggered by the player physically being within the res boundary, and worried the move false setting would not allow a res msg/res data to load or trigger.... but have no idea.

    I never realized res msg's were a supporter feature, I'd agree that they should be the same.
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  8. The current system triggers the "You may not enter this residence" message.
    It should trigger a custom message.
  9. ouch, that hurts... Technically could be possible. Would people actually use it though? As most of the time peoople would have their tp flag on...
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  10. I would not waste chickeneer time on it, maybe in the future. I am sure there are better things for the amazing chickeneer to program.
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  11. I think the idea is cool. I would also like to point out that you can still enter a res to a small extent when move is false. This is useful for doing a /res info command to see who owns it.
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  12. I think a lot of people who deny move would likely use it. But then again; how many players do this?

    Maybe an unpopular suggestion but this also sounds like a nice supporter feature to me. Icing on the cake so to say.
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  13. lol :-p No offense meant! I just really do look for your input on most ideas to see if they are feasible...

    I know personally I would use it a lot.

    Here are some examples of how it could be used, but I can't say how often others would use it:

    "Next event begins at (time.) You will be able to enter at that time" (this is the one I would use most frequently)
    "Sorry, we are only open when (player) is available"
    "We are remodling! Check out our (link)"
    "This shop has moved to (res Number)"
    "This is (player)'s private residence. Please visit (res number) for their public plot."
    "Site under construction"
    "No trespassing"

    or maybe if you usually have it on, but have kicked people out:
    "I'm sorry, but you've lost your privileges to enter this residence."

    I would hope if it was feature, people would take advantage of it. I find it discouraging when I go to a plot that is listed somewhere, only to find out I don't have move flag... with no other information.
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  14. This would be extremely helpful, as when I have move off for everyone they think I banned them
    With this I can worry no more(awesome idea)
    I would definitely use this
  15. I would use this too as sometimes i have to disable move to build something
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  16. May I say, this is really quite a good idea, why hasn't anyone suggested this before? lol.
    I like this idea for a couple of reasons...

    Well for one, because the current message sucks, lol.
    Got to admit.. it does get kind of annoying after a while, but if everyone has different messages it wouldn't be as annoying, I guess.

    But also, it could be another supporter perk. Like the customised res messages, Supporters gold rank and above could customise there move flag message if they wish to do so.

    Some people will definitely use this command if it is brought to EMC, such as myself.. I believe it would just be a nice addition to have, even if players forget set the tp flag to false >.< not really a huge problem, imo.

    However, this will cause some players to constantly ask "How do I change my move flag message????" ect, But I think after it is fully introduced (if it is..) this wouldn't be much of a problem, provided that players look on the forums and keep up-to-date with everything new that's going on in the empire.

    I wouldn't think that this would be that hard to code, then again, I'm not some sort of coding god so I wouldn't know.
    But this is a fantastic idea, I hope it does at least get considered.
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  17. This would be AWESOME!
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  18. It sounds like a good idea! The
    message does get quite boring :p
    +1 :)
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  19. This is one of the best suggestions I have heard of, why hasn't this been thought of before now? lol :)

    I would use it often.
    Major +1 from me.
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