[SERVICE] Stone Mining Yon Inc.

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  1. Yon Inc. Is A Stone Mining Company. We Will Mine Stone For You For A Cheap Price!
    You Can Pick Your Items Up At /v +YonInc After You Pay And I Confirm It. If You Paid And You Didn't Get Your Stone Within 2 Days, Contact Me And I'll Refund Your Money Until I Get Your Order Finished. Yon Inc. Will Be Located On Smp6 On yoncharlie's res. You Can Type Either /v +YonInc Or /v yoncharlie 4.
    1 SC: 750 Rupees
    1 DC: 1,250 Rupees
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  2. Fastest Gatherer of stone... EVER!
  3. Can you deliver 5dc's? I would like to order them.
  4. 1DC of stone, confirm and I'll pay
  5. ok guys. gonna work on huckleberry's order since its shorter than ill work on akaikee's. is that fine?
  6. DC of stone please :)
  7. No problem!
  8. ok huckleberry. your order is complete. come to /v 12553 and pickup ya stone after paying. Working on ya order right now akaikee.
  9. Is it stone or cobblestone?
  10. Can't wait! I'll order more often!
  11. its stone Zikko :)
  12. And thanks akaikee. Kinda been slacking on this service but since more people are interested in it, i may pay more attention. I also have an exp bottle service if your interested. The prices are cheap and i hope my second service interests you: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/service-exp-bottles.53333/
  13. One SC please yoncharlie :)
  14. Awesome thanks! I'm just about to go to school, so payment will be made in about 6-7hours :)
  15. SC chest Please. :)
  16. Can I get 3 DC, please?
  17. ya orders are ready at /v 12553! pay and pickup!
    are next