[Service] Exp Bottles

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  1. Hello. Since 1.8 update, Everything That Used Exp Is Now More Cheaper. But We Still Want Exp Right? So I'm Creating A Service That Sells Exp! :D My Exp Bottle Service Is Cheap And You Can Manually Buy Exp Bottles At /v +YM. Now Here's The Prices That Are Sure To Intrest You!

    1 Stack - 800r
    1 SC (Single Chest) - 21,600r
    1 DC (Double Chest) - 43,200r

    Come To /v 12553 To Pick Up Your Exp Bottles :)
  2. 1 stack please
  3. Ok. Come To Smp6 And Type /v yoncharlie 4 or 12553 and pay 800r. then ill give you access to 1 stack
  4. dos stacks por favor
    2 stacks please
  5. Sorry ww2fan168. Smp6 is full and cant join right now :(
  6. Omg yes I so want to get on emc right now!
  7. i wish if smp6 was full you can just join another server
  8. I hate this right now ._. been clicking on the empire server for like 5 minutes
  9. ww2fan168, your order is ready.
  10. i would like 2 dc's if possible :p
  11. yeah, im gonna have to work on that a bit XD
  12. it may take a long time since i need lots of emeralds
  13. well lets keep it to 1dc then
  14. Your order is ready epic0258. Come to /v yoncharlie 4, pay and pick it up
  15. I'd like to order 4 DCs please.
  16. 4 DC? XD took me 1 day just to make 1 DC
    I Can try
  17. Thanks :p If you need more emeralds any of my shops sell them, or paper too. :p
  18. Can I get 2DC please :D
  19. Hey Slooshie and azoundria. Sorry I havent responded in a long time but i got 1 DC ready for ya Slooshie. Since azoundria got a bigger order, yours is going to have to wait a bit longer. Sorry guys.