[Service] Repairing, Enchanting, & Combining Tools & Armor

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  1. Hey guys, i'm making this thread because recently, I finished making a blacksmith I call "The Sword & Spade".

    What this service is: So, You can bring your dented, unenchanted armor & tools to me, and I can repair it, enchant it, rename it, & combine it.

    Where this is: This service is available currently at 5392, on utopia, right in front of you when you spawn.

    How much it would cost: Well, it depends on the thing. Enchanting something, it's a 1,000 flatrate for 30 levels, less if you want less levels. Combining and repairing will depend on how many levels it will take. I do not take items in exchange for services.

    How long this will take: Well, I try and have 30 levels at all times, but if it takes more then that, or I don't happen to have it right then, I can very quickly get the levels I need.

    If you're thinking "Well, what if I have to go right after I drop my stuff off? Don't worry, because I have several chests for storing items that I have finished working on.

    If you don't want to get 40 levels, bring it to the Sword & Spade! Fast, efficient, cheap!

    So anyways guys, just letting you know there's somewhere to bring your tools & armor instead of ditching it. Thanks for reading this! -Rosy2696
    2014-07-22_17.53.37.png 2014-07-22_17.54.22.png 2014-07-22_17.54.30.png
  2. hmmmmmmmmmm... 1,000r= 10 days of normal daily bonuses
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  3. People always have broken tools, why haven't any come? :(
    Also, Bump.
  4. Night bump.. *yawn*
  5. Working on my first order while typing this =D Bump!
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  6. Price dropped to 500r flatrate for a 30 level enchantment, other prices also dropped.
  7. Ahem... I helped you make it and gave you the idea but this is a very well set up/playced out area please go and visit it and alway buy on of the multi enchant books for a great price! ;)
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  8. Sorry! Forgot! I AND Nathanrp built a blacksmith!
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  9. Thank you and I might take a enchanted sword/pick
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  10. Great Service. Relatively cheap and fast considering I gave you 8 tools :p I highly recommend! 10/10
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  11. Bump.
    Made a second branch on smp1, at residence 2147.
    Will be bringing all my stuff order to make it my main branch. If you have something for me to work on, bring it over there.
    Hopefully this will bring in more buisness to..
    Also, will be working on some prices.
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  12. Woot! Cant wait to see it (already did XD) looks awesome check out this service highly recomended 10/10!
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  13. Quick response =O
  14. Also, this is an exact replica of my original one.
  15. Yes it very well is

    And is awesome!
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  16. Seems iffy, how do I know you aren't enchanting, and giving me bad enchants, keeping the good ones for yourself?