[service] OP discount.

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  1. Here are some items I decided to give a discount to follow the enchanting market being (too) low in the few months. Keep an eye for weekly new deals!

    Pigmen heads : 50r (donation)
    GOD pickaxe of silk : U3-St1-E5 = 3k / 27 for 75k
    + mending : 5k
    LIGHT Armor :U3-Prot3 = 3,5k (helmet,boots) 4k (chestplate,leggings)
    CHEAP clean sword : U3-Sa3-L3 = 3,5k
    You can :
    - /v 17175 for the special shop. (recommended)

    -Message me and send payment to get the item mailed.

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  2. I'll buy one of each the pick axe and the sword.

    GOD pickaxe of silk : U3-St1-E5 = 3k
    GOD clean sword : U3-S5-L3 = 5k
  3. they are in stock at /v 17175 if you want to buy them directly im at the wild atm
  4. bump stocked at my 1st res now!
  5. bump all restocked!
  6. Is s5 smite or sharpness
  7. oops its sharpness
  8. Why to a miner, all we have is pork chops and pickaxes. Save the mines now and buy more pickaxes for laying waste to the mountains! Respect Steve's pickaxe's for a low price, and may it guide you all, to great fortunes.

    I'll take two please! :cool:
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  9. New! Cheap swords, instead of sharpness 5 it got sharpness 3 available with the same u3 and l3 for 3,5k instead! good if you just need to gring or to give a quick gift ;)
  10. bump still stocked
  11. bump I got a lot of pickaxes stocked at /v 17175 !