[service] OP discount.

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  1. New shop on /v 17041 ! Buy GOD Picks of silk in bulk.

    edit:54 buy sign removed as I didin't think about the fact you can't buy more than 36 items.
  2. bump my shop and bulk chest is full of pickaxes
  3. Bump restocked with another dc of pickaxes! perfect for a month in the wild!
    at /v 17041
  4. bump now added some light armor (prot 3 and unb 3) at a good price ! as well with a dub of picks at /v 17041 and
    /v 17175
  5. bump everything is in stock, great items for quick mining!
  6. bump lots of picks stocked
  7. bump load of pickaxes stocked!
  8. bump , updated at /v 17175 with mending god picks at 5k ea.!
  9. bump full dc of mending god pick in stock!