[Service] Nick and Code's Very Simple and Very Fast Mob XP Room

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  1. Welcome to Nick and CoDe's Mob Room Building Service.
    Here you can request us to build a room in any dimensions for drops and xp!!!
    Our rooms are very easy and simple to manage.
    we have several designs for you to choose from.
    \A square room with a fence gates.= 1k/
    \A large room with any door system.= 2k/
    \A big "base" with an underground section and an above ground section.= 5k/
    \A Mob XP farm in the sky that drops drops and xp, Feature to where it leaves mobs with one health bar and feature to where they die when they hit the ground.= 7.5k/
    When we accept your order form PM either me or Nickblockmaster
    with the coords so we can build your room.

    Order form:
    Overall Price:
    This is the "Sky Room" There is a pit at the bottom with easy access for xp and drops.

    This is the "The Square Room" it has a square spawning room and tunnel entrances to block out sunlight.
  2. Have lowered our prices more designs to come soon!
  3. So, to be clear, we would essentially be paying you to come out to our base and mine out a big room? Like, how big would these be?
  4. Actually this could be anywhere and i mean it can be in the sky but i have to come up with that as we speak. And it could be as big as you want and as tall as u want.

    EDIT: Just not in town we can not build them in town.
  5. How will it be designed?
    What mobs will spawn inside?
  6. Well depending on where we build the room will depend on what spawns inside it. I.e. Nether- Nether mobs and so forth. But generally we have our personal ones built in wilderness and wastelands, so we get all the over-world mobs (Excluding Momentus and Marlix). We usually get marlix and momentus spawned outside though.
  7. Ign:Electrobomb
    Type: Sky farm that drops and drops XP
    Smp: smp9
    Overall price : 7.5k I will pay soon when you confirm the order:)
  8. Do you have any screenshots of previous builds? I'm interested to see what I'd be paying for.
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  9. Ok i will talk to Nick and we will get the supplies and build it as soon as possible.
    I have just made the first room on creative but with football and school its very time consuming for me but i can see if Nick can get you some screenshots.
  10. I have the design but i dont know how to upload a screenshot to the thread.
  11. Use the "Upload a file" button at the bottom of the thread.
    That or just copy+paste it into the message. :)
  12. Ok, and to our question its exactly what Nick we can't control what spawns but it is the normal hostile mobs and when we use our personal mob rooms, we tend to see enraged mobs often.
  13. Posted some pictures of the designs more to come!
  14. Wait... so would the Sky room would kill the mobs, or it would leave them with one health?
    Creepers can be dangerous even with one health....
  15. I mean there can be a feature where it leaves 1 health left but there is another feature that it doesn't. But there is a problem right now with it is that it is completely enclosed but yet something is generating light but only during day so it would have to night use only for now until i figure the problem.
  16. Ok I will pay as soon as possible (next time I get online) and who should I pay or how should I split it?
  17. Ok I paid code and nick 3750r each.
  18. Give us the coords in a pm and we can get it done
  19. Alright I'll do that soon
  20. Ok. Also do you want the 1 health left feature or die on impact feature?