{SERVICE} Infinite villager service.

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  1. As samsimx has stopped his Infinite Villager service, I have decided to start up my own villager business. Your new villager will be able to produce infinite emeralds for you, allowing you to use them to trade for other items, including enchanted books and diamond armor, or sell them in your store or in an auction. (For more information about infinite villagers, see links above)

    This incredible service will no longer be available in the 1.8 update due to changes in the villager trading process, so demand will likely be higher than ever. Because of the time and amount of items needed to complete each villager, I am offering this amazing service at 15,000 rupees.

    This price is based off of the lowest prices on the EMC Servers for various items I would need, as well as factoring in the time it may take to complete each villager, which can be upwards of 2-3 hours.

    What you will get for your 15,000r :
    -1 Librarian Villager, able to trade 1 emerald for x amount of paper for an infinite number of times

    -Payment in full before I begin the job to ensure that I will have the items needed to complete your villager on time
    -You close villager trading to all except myself until the job is complete
    --This is to ensure that your villager is done correctly. ANY trading done on your residence may affect how your villager develops until he is complete
    --Do this by typing /res set villager false
    -Various flags on your residence be given to me
    --Villager Flag (to trade with your villager)
    --Eggify Flag (to eggify your villager)
    --Build Flag (to place your villager and build his pen, unless you choose to build one)

    If you would like this service done, please send me a PM, and we can work out when you would like me over at your residence. Please keep a full day open in your schedule for me to finish the job.

    For any questions, post them in the comments below, or send them in a PM.

    Best of luck in all of your adventures on Empire Minecraft!
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  2. Do you do any other types of villagers? (Glowstone, XP, etc)
  3. Not at the mo, I might soon be doing them, But not yet. Wanna see if i get people wanting them or not.:p
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  4. I'll be willing to buy if you can get a EXP Bottle one for sale :) I'll then be willing to buy, one Paper for Emerald Villager and Emerald for EXP bottle villager :)
  5. I'd pay 20k for an infinite glowstone villager, plus the 15k for the paper villager... so 35k for both...

    EDIT: Sorry if this is off-topic, just want to know if it's a possibility.