Infinite Villager Service.

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  1. Infinite Villager Service!

    Have you ever seen those double chests of emeralds auctions on the forums or maybe a double chest of bottle o' enchanting auctions? Even some double chest of glowstone auctions are from those amazing NPC's Villagers.

    Villager trading is an amazing source of income considering as how cheap it is to trade with a villager to get an emerald, but don't you get frustrated when he cancels the trade on you after a few emeralds then you cycle through more to find the trade you want? Well not anymore! I only use a few villagers and trade with them infinitively, how you might be asking yourself about now? Well with a little magic and boom! There you go! I can get you an infinite villager.

    This Villager trades Paper = 1 emerald, after a while the paper will equal 24 Paper for 1 Emerald. Best part is, this trade will never stop!
    This service, as much as I'd love for it to be free it can't be seeing as it'd ruin the economy of emeralds and other villager related items, will cost 30k for the full infinite villager package.

    Villagers with other infinite trades are available upon request for varying prices. For more information PM Olaf_C and myself.

    At the moment we offer 4 packages:
    Standard: 1 DC of paper with villager
    Standard Plus: 5 DC's of paper with villager (3000r Extra)
    Premium: 10 DC's of paper with villager (6000r Extra)
    Premium Plus: 20 DC's of paper with villager (12000r Extra)
    Extra Villager Handbooks: 50 a piece
    Priority Package: With purchase this puts you high on our wait list (5000r)

    Infinite Paper Trade Villagers can be fragile and can break easily. We have decided to offer insurance for the price of 8k. With the purchase of insurance you get 30-50% off your villager if it breaks due to an accident.

    Please See this thread from now on
    Any questions I'll try my best to answer and you can leave them in the form of a PM, or just comment down below.
  2. Reserved for later
  3. Can you sell paper to supply the people who already have infinites?
  4. 35k is a little pricy. Could you do like 25k?
  5. Yes. How much do you need
  6. Remember, it costs 8-10k to make one. We will change it to 30k at its lowest.
  7. Enough to make like 46 stacks of emeralds I think - and yes I can get some of that myself from my sugar cane farm lol but I may buy some, I just wanted to see a rough price per dc and if there was discount for buying more
  8. I did some math and that will be 16.5k at 750 a DC since you are not a villager buyer. if you want to buy a villager then it will be 14k
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  9. Ladies and gent keep comment to either " sure i would love to buy this " or " questions about it"
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  10. Nightly Order Bump.
  11. Well There go the price of emeralds...

    So each Inf. villager is 30k? What will be the amount of paper it trades for to become an emerald? Is it random?
  12. I think it starts at 34 and the amount gets lower as you use it. Eventually it'll be 24.
  13. The start is alway a varying number (between 24 and 34) but it will always go down to 24.
  14. im gonna think about it :)
  15. Would you be willing to make a trade for this service? Like a grinder for one, for example.
  16. Hmm, sadly we cannot accept trades for items but we may offer purchases on credit.
  17. How does your waiting list look?
  18. Bump. I only have one order so can get others done quicky.
  19. Do you only sell the infinite paper for emerald trade villager?