Infinite Villager Service v2.

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  1. Infinite Villager Service!

    Have you ever seen those double chests of emeralds auctions on the forums or maybe a double chest of bottle o' enchanting auctions? Even some double chest of glowstone auctions are from those amazing NPC's Villagers.

    Villager trading is an amazing source of income considering as how cheap it is to trade with a villager to get an emerald, but don't you get frustrated when he cancels the trade on you after a few emeralds then you cycle through more to find the trade you want? Well not anymore! I only use a few villagers and trade with them infinitively, how you might be asking yourself about now? Well with a little magic and boom! There you go! I can get you an infinite villager.

    This Villager trades Paper = 1 emerald, after a while the paper will equal 24 Paper for 1 Emerald. Best part is, this trade will never stop!
    This service, as much as I'd love for it to be free it can't be seeing as it'd ruin the economy of emeralds and other villager related items, will cost25k for the full infinite villager package.

    Villagers with other infinite trades are available upon request for varying prices. For more information PM samsimx

    At the moment we offer infinite villagers of any kind ( except enchanted books )
    Glowstone Villager- 35k
    Enchanted Bottle Villager- 35k
    Paper Villager- 25k
    These are just the most popular, if you have another in mind just pm.
    Priority Package: With purchase this puts you high on our wait list (5000r)

    Infinite Paper Trade Villagers can be fragile and can break easily. We have decided to offer insurance for the price of 8k. With the purchase of insurance you get 20-50% off your villager if it breaks due to an accident.

    To order an infinite paper trade villager please PM samsimx. For inquiry on other infinite villagers just ask below or PM.

    Any questions I'll try my best to answer and you can leave them in the form of a PM, or just comment down below.
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  2. id like a infinite paper villager but id like to know what you meant by breaking a vllager how does that happen?
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  3. Easily explained. You accidentally break his pen and hit him with your pick. Then he runs around and falls in your lava trash disposal pit.
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  4. 1.Villagers can break if you trade with him and max out the trade and you leave the chunk before he has a chance to refresh. This casue the villger to lock the paper last trade in other words, making him useless
    2.They can also break if you trade something Other then paper that they have (ive heard of this happening but idk)
    3.If you kill them
    4.If the Legendary Gold 9th trade pops up.
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  5. I might buy one depending on this - if our villager opens up the gold ingot trade (broken) then would we still pay for a replacement? Just because that is something nobody can prevent I might order..
  6. Yes if the elusive gold trade pops up, it is covered by insurance.
  7. 100%?
  8. You get 40% insurance since it is a .005% of it happening
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  9. Alright - I'll get back to you on this. How long is the waiting list atm?
  10. I am actually all caught up. It takes me about 25 minutes max per paper villager.
  11. I also have a villager with a 10 emerald -> compass trade. How much would you charge to get me past it? Just one trade.
  12. Um thats not what this service is for :p So I'm not willing to do that
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  13. Ah alright. Well yeah I'll talk later, thanks for info.
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  14. i still want the one whats the process? i pay you open up villager and breed flags and wait?
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  15. You pay after the villager is done so you can see what it is. I need build, eggify and villager flags to do the villager.
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  16. hokay can i get one behind my small sugarcane farm on 12249 your flags are set :p
  17. Just wondering sam... is your skin a black man with bacon slapped on his face.
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  18. Its a boy in a dino-costume :p
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  19. What is this elusive gold trade may I ask?