[Service] HB2N Dirt Removal

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  1. That's right! Get your dirty goods removed from your res.

    Status: A Bit Busy!

    TL;DR - Too bad, everything is important. ;)

    Opening Statements:
    - I will offer direct service as well as prepaid vouchers.
    - The cost is 800r per layer. Utopia is double per layer.
    - If getting all layers removed (63) then the cost will be slightly discounted to 50,000r (100k Utopia)

    To get a voucher:
    - PM me on the forums.
    - Tell me you are getting a voucher.
    - Include number of layers and res type (Is it utopia).
    - I will confirm your request and request payment.
    - Once payment clears I will send the voucher by EMC mail.

    To obtain services (direct):
    - PM me on the forums.
    - Include Res #, SMP, and preferred date / time. (Tuesdays work best)
    - I will confirm the request and ask for payment.
    - If accepted I will work out the best time for the both of us.

    To obtain services (voucher):
    - PM me on the forums that you have a voucher to redeem.
    - Include voucher code (ex FL-ABCDE or 5L-1B3D5), Res #, SMP, preferred time.
    - I will confirm the authenticity of the voucher and work out a time slot.

    Final reminders:
    - Try to keep res free of "potholes" makes things easier.
    - You can resell or gift vouchers.
    - Have Fun!
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  2. Senior staff already do this..
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  3. I suppose the point is more to be personal. On top of that the SS structure removal is really only cheaper if you are digging the entire res (or utopia) as the wiki seems to imply that the service is a flat fee. Please don't hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong!
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  4. Can I ask.. Why are you doing this? This is really cheap..
  5. It's the same pricing as an older service that I once used to clear 5 layers of my res. They got swamped with orders and shut down. That's why I'm trying to do things a bit different.
  6. I wouldn't call it cheap lol. It's the exact same rate as the SS service and the SS service is instant World Edit, so this is really only cheaper (if you can call it that, it's the same 'value') if you're not getting the entire thing cleared.

    @OP I would suggest against doing a voucher system. It only complicates things and makes it annoying to copy an ID for each individual voucher you buy for every single layer. Why require a GUID if you can just check if that person actually bought it via EMC Shopkeeper or your own rupee logs? And even then, a system of just "I do service and you pay me directly" seems a lot easier and less hassle than buying a voucher, repeating back each code, and then doing the service.
  7. The point of vouchers is so that a) I don't get swamped with orders (controlled supply) b) they can be gifted. But yeah, maybe I'll lower the pricing to be more competitive. And maybe even add multi-layer vouchers.
  8. You can control the supply using the traditional method by simply turning down job offers you can't handle. If you use the system of "I do service and you pay me directly" as I mentioned before, you can still control the supply by declining offers on top of what you can already handle.

    I'm sure if anyone wants to give the gift of dirt removal there's more elegant ways to do it lol
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  9. Which is exactly the point of this.

    Nice service! I'd definitely use this if I needed it. :)
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  10. I understand the purpose of it? I'm just saying you can't call it cheaper if it's the same service to price ratio as the current option :p

    It is a good service for the people that need it, I don't argue with that and never will.
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  11. Bump. Also: Updated some things to fit in with community feedback.