[SERVICE] H&H Bulk Supply Company

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  1. Hey fellow EMC players!
    Are you needing a bulk supply of items?
    Well you have come to the right place!
    Lets cut to the chase!

    Cobblestone: DC 2k SC 1k
    Stone: DC 3k SC 1.5k
    Glass: DC 5.5k SC 2.5k
    Stone Bricks: DC 3.2k SC 1.6k
    Wool: DC 4k SC 2k No longer available- apologies
    Ice: DC 19k SC 9.5k (Max 1DC per order)
    Mycelium: SC 7.5k
    (MAX 4DCs per order for ALL wood)
    Oak Log: DC 3.9k SC 1.95k
    Jungle Log: DC 4.9k SC 2.45k
    Acacia Log: DC 4k SC 2k
    Birch Log: DC 5k SC 2.5k
    Dark Oak Log: DC 5k SC 2k
    Pine Log: DC 5.9k SC 2.45k
    Sand: DC 2k SC 1k
    Sandstone: DC 7k SC 3.5k
    Hardened Clay: DC 4k SC 2k
    Any dyed clay found in a mesa: DC 5k SC 2.5k
    Please note that some items are only available in SC quantities.
    So if you are wanting to order simply comment and fill in this:

    When order is complete, we will notify you. Once payment is cleared we will set up access.
    Pickup is at /v 16230
    All payments are to be made to High_Jacker, regardless of who does the order.
    Because this is a bulk supply company please be respectful. If you have a massive order please respect that it may take longer.
    More items will be added as the company grows!
    Huckleberry24, High_Jacker
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  2. You used the picture :D Get the orders in guys!
  3. First Order:

    10 DC's Oak Logs - 39,000r


    Username: BushySpecialK
    Items: 10 DC Oak Logs
    Deadline: 18Nov, 2014
    Total: 39,000r
  4. Accepted. Please note this may take up to 48 hours :)
  5. Thanks for your order, for future reference please use the layout stated above, thanks.
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  6. Username: NetherSpecter
    Items: 2 DCs of Birch, Jungle, and Acacia Logs
    Deadline: Within the week (between now and Saturday)
    Total: 27,800 Rupees.
  7. Accepted. Thanks for your order! I'll get straight onto it ;)
  8. Thankyou for the deadline, I was worried about how long this would take me in a short time :)
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  9. Are you sure you're a brand new bulk supply company? I don't see any 5k DC's of quartz...
  10. We are a new company, and incase you Can't read , we currently don't sell quartz.
    Also I don't appreciate the smart, mocking comment.
  11. Username: growl3r
    Items: 2 DC Hard Clay, 2 DC Sand, 2 DC Oak Log, 2 DC Acacia Log
    Deadline: 11/18/14
    Total: 27,800r
  12. accepted :)
  13. thanks
  14. Items: 2 DC Sandstone (14k), 1 DC Pine Log (5.9k), 1 DC Glass (5.5k), 1 DC Oak Log (3.9k), 1 DC Hardened Clay (4k)
    Deadline: 1 month
    Total: 33.3k
  15. Order accepted :) . Wow thanks for the 1 month deadline, we have quite a few big orders currently!! :p
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  16. Bump!
    Note: THERE IS NOW A MAX ORDER OF 4DCs for every other item- Thanks
    Edit: Previous orders do not take effect of this, it is from now onwards
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  17. If this is targetted at my order, I will gladly reduce it to 4 Dc's
  18. Your order is fine- it's from now onwards ;) all other orders are fine :)
  19. Username: 4d_m1n
    Items: 2 DC Sand (4K), 1 DC Acacia Log (4K) 1 DC Pine Log (5.9K)
    Deadline: 1 Week From Now(?)
    Total: 13.9 K
  20. Wipple4/Wipple5/Wipple6/WRCO
    1x Cobblestone: DC 2k
    1x Stone: DC 3k
    1x Glass: DC 5.5k
    1x Stone Bricks: DC 3.2k
    1x Wool: DC of each colour 4k x 16
    1x Oak Log: DC 3.9k
    1x Jungle Log: DC 4.9k
    1x Acacia Log: DC 4k
    1x Birch Log: DC 5k
    1x Dark Oak Log: DC 5k
    1x Pine Log: DC 5.9k SC
    1x Sand: DC 2k
    1x Sandstone: DC 7k
    Deadline: its a big order so 18th November please, I will not care too much if its a couple days over :p
    Total: 115,400 - please check this :p
    I will come back for a LOT more if you do this order well, thanks!