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  1. Hello Today I'd like to introduce a new service I am doing I will make a custom book for you!
    I'd like to start off by saying that I can only take 5 orders at a time because I have school :p
    Send an order in this thread or through a PM and I can do 3 genres
    1. Action
    2. Suspense
    3. Day-by-Day
    And now the order form!
    1st person or 3rd person:
    Prices vary by how long the book is
    DEALS: Buy 2 get 1 free day vaild from 1/25/15-1/26/15!
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  2. The Temple------boozle628 (3)

    Menu------Laurenseattle (8)
  3. What's that mean?
  4. its reserved for the buyers and the title
  5. Name: boozle628
    Genre: Suspense
    POV: third person
    Quantity: 3
    Could I get a range in which you charge? My order stands unless it is like 20k or something...
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  6. I try to do at 500 at the most
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  7. Done and I have decided it is 125 per book so you total is 375r once I receive the payment I will set up an access chest at 431
  8. I understand your logic, but people can easily copy the book themselve, so I dont think they will buy more than 1 book that way. instead you can do a higher price for a book, or price per page and like 15r for an extra book, for material costs.
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  9. I don't really care if they copy it or not I'd actually like it if they copied it ;)
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  10. Yeah it is a good thing if they want it copied, but I mean the deal will be better for you this way ;).
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  11. I have tested the whole copying book thing you cant copy a book if it is signed by someone else
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  12. hmm decided to be nice and making a buy 2 get 1 free deal!
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  13. Name: Laurenseattle
    genre: Menu for resturant
    pov: mine
    quantity 8
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  14. Please tell me what the items are in a convo thanks!:)
  15. All the food Items there. LIke fist page Appatizerser sencon page main course like meat and fish dessert cake coldegna carrot golden apple Etc
  16. Order complete each book is 200r for a total of 1,400r pickup is at 431