[SERVICE] Bomb's Redstone Construction/Repair Service

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  1. Saw a contraption you'd like to have, but redstone and you don't quite get along?
    I've got you covered!

    • Have skill, will travel! Want something built on your Res? Done! Want it built under the ocean? No problem! All locations are kept private, completed work photos will have identifying marks removed before posting! (Unless you want the location posted)
    • Prices will vary with each build. Message me here or in game (SMP9) for your FREE estimate!
    • Gathering the necessary resources yourself is highly recommended as prices can vary from server to server. I will gather them, but I'll need the approximate cost paid up front. Any leftover rupees from purchasing resources will go to covering my labor. I.E. 1k for labor and 10k for resources, but I get all the resources for 9k, then my labor is covered and you saved 1k!
    • Repairs will always be cheap! Repairs of my builds will always be FREE (barring any changes in coding, even then it will still be dirt cheap!)
    • Just drop me a line or swing by my place! /v Bombardier20
    • Check back frequently! As business picks up I'll be commenting on this thread with FREE small builds and 50% off large builds!!

    Cobblestone Generator, Item Elevator, Storage Silo, Super Smelter, Item Sorter W/ overflow protection COMBO!
    Location: My Res /v Bombardier20

    Tree Farm with wood block organizer and simple leaf crusher.
    Location: My Res /v Bombardier20

    Stacked Fully Automatic Wheat Farms W/ delivery into Item Sorter (can be potato or carrot as well)
    Location: My Res /v Bombardier20

    High Efficiency Mob Farm! This thing is a BEAST, this is my personal variation. 200 Hoppers, 36 Dispensers (and growing) ~4 stacks of redstone dust, 4 sticky pistons, ~4000 building blocks!
    Design Credit: Youtube Minecraft genius Mumbo Jumbo, if you haven't heard of him, go check him out!
    Location: Undisclosed :cool:
  2. First build is complete! Thanks to Netherworld666 for letting me do this build!

    Synchronized Furnace Array w/ Automatic Refueling



    Design credit: Tango Tek on Youtube.
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  3. I will be contacting you very soon about a pretty big build that pays really well and is well... under the ocean as you said :-P
  4. I would like to get a automatic carrot farm on my res could u do that for me?
  5. Awesome Gawadrolt, I look forward to it! Those builds are always challenging!

    Absolutely jdog, what are we talking here? single 9x9? or are we gonna stack them?

  6. Final view looked something like this. This was definitely a great experience, I would hire Bombardier20's services again! The service was quick, the build was well made, and while there were a couple hiccups, Bombardier20 was always optimistic and willing to fix the problem.
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  7. Thanks for the review!! And that looks amazing btw!! May have to upgrade my smelter now :)
  8. how much for the tree farm?
  9. just have all materials waiting for me and i'll knock it out for 250r as is. It can be larger too if you need it to be, I only use it on occasion for furnace fuel so mine is a small version.
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  10. Can you send me the dimensions and the resources needed so i can have them ready for you tomorrow?
  11. i want a big one that has a storage system at the end
  12. Nice service, hope it goes well :)
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  13. we can make the wood block area longer to give a larger chunk of wood, that particular system is oak only. if you want other trees i'll have to do some homework.. what kind of storage system are we talking here? the wood will be collected by you as you chop, so are you wanting a silo? or something to that effect?
  14. I would like a auto wood farm and a auto wheat farm. Could you contact me about the stuff you need and the price?
  15. FYI everybody, I am in the middle of a 250K build, which will take days. However, I'll be taking breaks from that to work on everyone else's builds!!
  16. The larger chunk of wood is what i was talking about sorry for the confusion :)
  17. And i was just gonna use it for oak
  18. not a problem! when i take a break from the monster project i'll figure up how many materials i'll need for your build and let ya know!
  19. I'm thinking as big as u wanna make it without costing me a fortune. It would be my secon res on utopia.
  20. I will PM you the systems I want on my utopia residence :)