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  1. Hello EMC!
    I am starting a new service. It is called the Avatar Creator service.

    I will be drawing an Avatar for you. You may use it for any social media, forums, etc. but please give credit to me when someone asks you "Who made this?"

    This service will be co-operated with my friend Lauren. She doesn't play Minecraft, but she draws with me to make this service a success. Please also give credit to her.

    Tell me what you would like me to draw; for example, Cheese in a bun, and I will draw it and PM it to you.
    I am doing this service to raise money for my Giveaways as well as helping others and giving them some rupees.

    Each Avatar will be 1k; if you want to donate more, that is fine.

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  2. Could you make me a avatar of a squid making a house?
  3. Sure!
    I am starting this, and when I am done I will tell you.
    Please pay me when I am done.
  4. Ok :) also i like your signature
  5. Something about this feels oddly familiar..

  6. It's either because I participated in your art competition, or its because AlexChance has a signature service?
  7. or Qwerties thread
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  8. What?
    And its almost done.
  9. Please draw me a dinosaur with many mouths on it's neck and forked tongues in each mouth.
  10. Will do after I finish f_Builder_s's order.
  11. could you make me somehing frogish
    meaning something with a frog (in a suit if possible)
    how much will it cost?
  12. 1k, if you want to donate more that is fine.
    You are

    You are on the waiting list after eldoro1000.
  13. i will pay when you send the picture
    i will pay the 1K
    and add some rupees depending on how good it is :p
  14. Actually, I would like you to pay first, then I will send you the Avatar.
    Is that okay? I just want to make sure that you don't cheat this service.

  15. ok i will pay you directly the 1k and i might ad some later then :p
  16. All right then.
    This service is actually worked by both my friend and myself, so we will need 1-2 days.
    She has been feeling down lately :(; hopefully she will get better.
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  17. Can I get a picture of an enderman holding a block of TNT with the background as a cave?
  18. Sure!
    You are on the waiting list after eldoro1000 and epic0258.
    Please pay me 1k rupees and any donations that you want to add in.

  19. Why do you have the same skin as me (almost)?! xD

    Welcome to EMC!
  20. Do you guys think I should charge more?