[SERVICE] Adventurer for Hire (free)

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  1. Hey EMC! I've been bored recently playing both EMC and singleplayer lately, so I'm basically grasping at straws here to relieve my boredom.

    So, if you need an extra man for company, to help guard a traveling party, founding an outpost or more, I'm your guy!

    I'm not looking for rupees, just some companionship and some more stories to tell. I'm experienced in combat, survival, construction and exploring.

  2. I would pay you to record a 100 day trip out into the wild of smp 6.
    ;3 :p Well, I mean I would, but at the same time you'd benefit xD
  3. Like, by myself or with you? Sounds doable.
  4. I would love to make a wild base with you when 1.7 comes out.
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  5. xD no, by yourself. :p Just an idea for something you could do for fun if you like adventuring ;3
  6. Oh? Whereabouts on EMC would you like to do this?
  7. Can you build a gold farm if I sent you the tutorial?
  8. Yes, I would recommend you going to build a outpost with SkyDragon