Servers down

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  1. To all players affected, looks like all the servers crashed, Justin will already be on the case, he gets alerted by pager/sms message when they crash so dont panic, they will be back online soon.
  2. More than likely a network issue, I am looking into it :)
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  3. Thanks for letting us know.
  4. Whew thank you i started to think my internet banned minecraft
  5. Thanx Justin, your dedication is admirable, we all greatly appreciate it. :)
  6. A network issue :-D

    I feel bad for whoever is getting verbally abused for what will probably be random hardware failure.
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  7. LOL I got kicked for "illegal characters in chat" while quoting anchor man...
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  8. is utopia still up? it keeps telling me that I am already connected to another empire server.
  9. Utopia is up....
  10. I blame zombie llamas for running over our servers slowly taking it down, running it to a dry useless pulp. I beleive we need juice!
  11. Only for those players who were lucky enough to not be online when they crashed, we just get a 'one server at a time' message :)
  12. yeah it says I am logged in already maybe if the connection was reset :p
  13. o no :( you can log on smp4 but there was a roll back :( a little one so nothing bad :)
  14. LOL I got kicked during my quoting Anchor Man so I can still go to Utopia :p
  15. it's up again, thanks justin
  16. That was quick, fixed already :D.
  17. Yay! it's back up! Thanks JustinGuy! :)
  18. Thanx Justin, you can go back to bed now :p
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  19. Everything is restored, please report any further problems here.
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