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  1. One of the things that gets craziest on the servers is the chat. In the near future I am hoping to test increasing the open slots on one of the servers, but this will make chat even more chaotic. For a while the staff has all been having a discussion about chat (thanks to Dark_Liz for leading these discussions). Here is what we came up with and wanted to now discuss it with the community. Keep in mind these are proposed changes, not something that happened or is for sure going to.

    Chatting in the wilderness and nether is restricted to your local area (probably 100 blocks). I personally love this idea because it adds to the going out on an adventure feeling to the game. Currently you can be 7 days journey away from the spawn but still have to listen to shop ads in Town.

    Chatting in Town would be world-wide, it wouldn't be restricted to local like the normal worlds.

    Whispering and private conversations would be cross-world so even if you were out adventuring you could whisper to an admin or a friend in Town (in the future the plan is to also make this cross-server).

    Supporters chat channel would remain global. This means that if you were in that channel you can talk to anyone anywhere (also in the channel). Currently the supporters channel is not used at all but this could actually make it useful.

    I think these changes are a wonderful idea and would really add to the quality of the server. What do you think community?
  2. I like the local chat idea for wild and nether. I think it would be nice going out adventuring and chat is just silent besides pm or supporter chat. Cross server pm would be really nice escpecially for contacting mods. And on SMP3 we are using the supporter chat quite a bit :D
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  3. Ahh maybe I am not in the channel and didn't notice :)
  4. I agree mugatu, cross-server chat would be very helpful to contact us if you require our assistance. Until then, dont be afraid to ask a supprter if they would mind coming to get one of us, or contact us on website and we will respond quickly.
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  5. Maybe an ideal to add to this is a shout where you pay 500 rupees to shout over all servers and worlds. (a way to advertise ur plot or somthing ur selling)
  6. Hey Justin mate! Great proposals! I love these ideas and like you say will add to quality of the server! Cross server would be epic as well. Good work Dark_Liz and other staff :)
  7. My 2c...

    If I am actually on smp2 mining or in the wilderness. I like to watch the global chat to be able to respond to request for items. Such as, "Who sells wood". maybe an option to turn each one on manually?
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  8. This is essentially what we have now, with the default setting being global channel on. So it sounds like you're saying you like it the way it is now. The way it is now is certainly functional and allows the most freedom I think, but many people don't use the chat options available and everyone seems to want to talk in the global chat at once (which makes it a less useful communication tool for everybody).

    Making it so people in the wild are actually out of communication with those in town would, as Justin said, calm down the global channel and provide a distinct feeling of being 'out there' on your own or with your companions and away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

    For anyone who doesn't know, the commands to turn the various chat channels on and off are described in the Empire Guide:
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  9. I like these changes, I think it would make the wild feel much more....wild. :) As far as the cross server thing, maybe just leave that option so we can contact an admin? I like to visit other servers to chat to certain players and meet new players. If I could just /tell people I know, I would never see anyone different.

    Oh and off topic, I noticed in the chat guide it doesn't mention you can just type /tell playername to start a conversation with them. I find this very useful as typing /tell playername message over and over can sometimes be a pain depending on who it is.
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  10. I think that in addition to this, maybe there would be some way to automatically change the player's chat in your res when they enter a new area (auction hall, spleef arena). My auctions never work out well because I have too many people not respecting the rules and won't change to local.
  11. true enough. i believe cross server chat would be wonderful
  12. I too like all these ideas, I think they would work well.
    People sort of already have that option though, i wonder how many people already switch off Global whn they go into the wilderness.

    However i think a command:

    /where <player>

    Could come in handy if the following changes are made, to check if a player is in Town/Wilderness or Nether.
    It could maybe even work Cross-Server ... So it tells you if a player is online on a different server. It would work in conjuction with /who <server>.
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  13. We do have /pinfo player (or /p player for short) and it will tell you what server they are on, but not what world. Perhaps this could be added :) great idea!
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  14. You beat me to it by a mere second... :)
  15. I like this idea. A lot. It could make the Wild more dangerous/adventurous and the Town feel like a lively bazaar, which makes the server feel...*shades* like an empire.

    AWWW YEAH (wait, why did I do that?)

    Anyways, I agree with all the information posted. Good work, and let's see what a command like this would do:

    set chat <town/wild/nether> <on/off> I guess this is for the people who would like to hear only what they wish.
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  16. HEY^ smp3 uses the heck out of supporter chat lol
    and though i think the local only wilds is cool i prefer being able to hear the town as well...... scratch that im all for the change :)
  17. These proposed changes seem like a wonderful idea. I specifically like the idea of not hearing global while out in the wilderness.
  18. Like it. I suggest also adding MORE channels, because frequently I, and other people, but it is in use by a different group. Call them like local1 and local2 or something.
  19. I like the sound of these changes but I spend quite a lot of time in the wild and find it usefull to see the town chat to point people at my shop that are requesting items. Could there be a buying/selling channel that can be accessed from everywhere? Or maybe town chat could be turned on/off so i could still whisper people that want things? ( normally I whisper people about stuff in my shop anyway )
  20. Maybe you just couldn't send to global chat while in the wild. Then you could still PM people who have questions in chat or are looking for a shop, but you can't tell everyone at once.