[SERVERS DOWN] SMP1, 2, 8 (19/02/13)

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by AlexC__, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Servers appear to be down again and looks like the same issue that we had a few days ago.

    I'm sure that the source of this problem was located when it was fixed previously, so let's hope that it won't take very long!

    Please be patient - I'd imagine that Justin has to fix it, and Aikar can't, like last time. :)
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  2. At least we still have Utopia Dirk.. ;)
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  3. Unfortunately yes, thankfully the source is hopefully known though
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  4. indeed witout it i would be very bored, well i have to work now anyway better be fixed when i return
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  5. Lost all my spiders, was just about to finished them off as well :D

    Ok time for some breakfast lets hope its back up when I have finished.
  6. Same thing happened to me on 8! :D

    Let's hope so. :)
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  7. i have been banned for 24 hours because my brother started swearing on my account can anyone help me get unband so i can play please
  8. Sorry, next time log out so he can't use your account.
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  9. lag is so bad (SMP7) with only 8 folk on, machines aren't working properly - likewise SMP2 :( - I feel its no longer worth the effort in the wilderness, so maybe for me its time to move on
  10. Must be a database/server issue. I'd suggest messaging Aikar just to let him know
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  11. Consult a moderator, don't post it randomly on a thread please. Contact the moderator that banned you.
  12. Dont post. JUST WAIT THE 24 HOURS!!!!
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  13. Maybe People Will Come to utopia finally :D
  14. I texted justin soon as I got up and saw it.

    We have a ticket with our provider about the issue... will see if we got a response.
  15. Right now all servers are running good, just went online like 15 minuts ago :)
  16. Excellent, thank you :)

    Servers are up :D
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  17. Solved (some) of the lag probs by installing extra repeaters - slower but much less likely to jam!:)
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