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  1. Seeing as my thread, Client side mod request and review thread, has been repeatedly hit with requests for server side mod requests, I felt it was time to begin a separate thread dedicated to proposing such requests without detracting from the purpose of my original thread.

    Feel free to request any mod that will effect the server side environment here.

    ((***))Do not post requests for client side mods here.((***))
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  2. A Portal Networking System for wild/nether because the portal system we have now doesn't work to well. (at least for me it doesn't)
  3. Why dont we install a modified worldedit system for the server? like it costs a certain amount of rupees to make a worldedit wall or something. the tool could be one coal and if you have enough of something in your inventory, you can create a wall of that item, or a pyramid or a sphere, anything worldedit lets you!
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  4. what the hell are we talking about here
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  5. Mods which players would like to see inplemebted on the server, such as the timber mod, which allows all tree wooden logs to break if you break the bottom one. This is only an example though, and I don't believe timber mod comes with smp ability at all.
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  6. The issue with some/most server side mods is that if installed, anyone that wants to play on the server has to have it i stalled before they can connect. I may be wrong tho...
  7. i would LOVE the timber mod, even if wood, sapling, and apple value was horrible!
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  8. I recall my own post on another thread....

  9. Actually, if you read correctly, all this would do is decrease the amount of time to do something like build a wall or other similar structure. It still requires that you have enough materials on hand, meaning you still have to go mine or buy the supplies.
  10. ...and what evidence do you have that we're ever releasing creative mode for players (We aren't.)
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  11. one word for that. GOOD
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  12. Im not saying that you will (Thank god) but this is what happens when someone opens a "possibility" ppl will keep wanting more... and if we keep giving them what they want, we'll end up not being SMP No PVP server anymore

    take less time to make something we are supposed to do manually?

    it breaks the point on having to "BUILD" your own stuff

    //pos1 //pos2 //Expand [x] [direction] //replace [block] [block] /Air [block] done...

    too much of a building game... where you now will "type" your buildings instead of "building" em
  13. This isn't a very important or urgent suggestion, but I've always wondered what it would be like to be able to control jukeboxes with power. To turn them on or off with redstone, or be able to loop the music. Who knows, maybe the creators of Minecraft will implement that some day.

    Edit: Another suggestion. It's not very survival-esque, but I really like the craftbook plugin, because it let players create fence gates that they can toggle open or closed with signs or redstone.
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  14. craftbook also lets create "bridges" for the castle like constructions and lifts... so it no longer becomes a pain to walk up the massive towers some ppl build on their residences... but imo perhaps its also against the (as u mentioned) "survival-esque" type of EMC
  15. Yeah, the bridge feature wouldn't be an acceptable mod for the survival servers.
    If the gate feature required you to build the entire gate, then the mod would be more reasonable.
  16. By default you dont need to "build" the entire gate to make it "happen".. im sure Justin could totally mess up with the Jar file and make it mandatory... same for bridges (while in town ONLY) same applies to lifts
  17. also, i'd like to add taht it'd be useful to have MCBans on EMC, since we've gotten many players that are already banned from other servers for massive griefing/botting/clientside mod abusing etc... that we could avoid by sharing the ban database with them or "logBlock" wich actually requires a MySQL database but records EVERY block placed, destroyed etc... on the worlds... and by who.

    In order to ban or kick or warn players that grief when there's no SS to proove it

    perhaps make the database only last for 1-2 hours (depending on the number of blocks logged and the potential size of the database that can be hosted) so if someone posts a "i got griefed" thread.. it can be dealt with accordingly.. either if its a Lie or if someone did actually griefed to punish em
  18. Justin has a strict "no use of world edit" policy he keeps for him self anyways. Which is a good idea in a game that is defined by hard work and creativity
  19. Bump to request sticky for visibility.
  20. What we need on empire ( possibly just for the new hardcore server coming up ) is fractions, it would work really well on empire
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