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  1. I was trading my infinite paper trader and making emeralds like I've been doing the past few hours and all the sudden I was force logged off with an error message. no I didn't read it nor did I have to even reload the client. I just clicked and logged back in and now my paper trader is broken. so surely there is a way for emc to either fix my trader or give me another one correct? took way too long to make and too many trades to get it and now its broken from a server error I wasn't responsible for. any replies from staff or higher would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  2. If the chunk is unloaded when the infinite paper villager is showing bubbles then the villager has a fair chance of breaking. I think that the chunk has unloaded when you got the error and the villager has broke. However, there is not guarantee on your villager, and MC wasn't technically meant to have infinite villagers either, so I doubt that you can get it back I'm afraid.

    You may make another villager yourself or you can hire other people to do it for you. Some even do some kind of insurance deal I think. You may have to ask someone like boozle or samsimx about that. Hopefully this gives you some insight on what has happened, let me know if you need to know anything else!
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  3. Another thing, although I can understand the ease of an unlimited villager its not a full requirement to be able and sell paper. It takes a little more effort, but if you eggify & respawn a villager then you should get a paper deal pretty quickly. At least that's how I usually get rid of my paper.
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  5. can I get a lock on this post thanks.
  6. Yup, will lock the thread now.
    I have had many villagers break on me too, you are not alone. It is just time to make a new one unfortunately.
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