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  1. Xinc_Industries is an EMC company ran by me and other members of EMC.

    What is this company about?
    Xinc_Industries is made up of shops, outposts, services, and more.
    Each shop, outposts, service, and more will be ran by specific members of Xinc_Industries
    For example, lets say Player1 made a shop selling beacons and wanted 2 more employees.
    Then Player2 and Player3 ask if they can be employees of that shop.
    Player1 can either say yes or no. If Player1 says yes then Player2 and Player3
    will be employees of that shop. Profits and jobs will then be split however they decide.
    I will take none of the shops profits and the group will keep all the profits.

    I will try to connect with outposts such as Carthaga to get resources in bulk and cheaper.
    You can get your own resources if you wish too. There will be Xinc_Industries "staff".
    These staff will not be EMC staff but staff of Xinc_Industries. Staff of my company will
    help manage things and help get new members etc. Remember, any scamming
    ANYWHERE on EMC will result in punishment

    Use this wikia page for info about all the shops, outposts, members, etc:

    If you want to join Xinc_Industries please PM me with this info:
    How many days have you been on EMC? (Use /p <Username>)
    Have you been banned before? If so tell me why.
    Why do you want to be part of Xinc_Industries?
    Anything else you want to say?

    (I know this thread is very long and confusing and I am sorry about that...)
    Please tell me if a part is confusing! This thread will be edited with more info later. I had staff check my general idea for this company and they approve.
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  2. Q&A:
    Q: I'm confused on what this is...
    A: Ask me in-game or here for more info about it and I'll try my best to explain.
    Q: Why should I join Xinc_Industries?
    A: If you join you can join shops to make rupees or get employees for your shop.
    Q: Why shouldn't I just make a shop normally?
    A: If your shop is part of Xinc_Industries you'll be able to have your shop backed by a bigger company, it might get advertised more, and you'll be able to get employees easily if you wish.
    Q: Are there any fees or obligations?
    A: No, you can just be a member if you wish
    Q: Do you take any of the profits?
    A: I do not take any of the profits of each shop, each shop will keep its rupees made.
    Q: If I make a shop does it automaticly have to be part of Xinc_Industries?
    A: No, you only have to have your shop part of Xinc_Industries if you wish to.
    Q: My question was not answered here...
    A: Ask me in-game or here and I'll answer it.
    Q: I think something should be changed
    A: Tell me in-game or here and I'll try to change it
    Q: What are the company colors?
    A: Blue and yellow: Xinc_Industries
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  3. Member List:
    AwesomeBuilder33 (Owner)
    SEPTHEKID (Staff)
    Bhret (Staff)
    Salman_Majid (Staff)
    Evesthery (Staff)
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  4. Shop List:
    Xinc_Mall (9200 Mega Mall)


    Orange=Not Started
    Yellow=Being Made
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  5. i might join some day,
    after i finished my resses and such :p
    i like it :p
  6. Nobody yet :(
  7. Hmm, I thought I wrote more to the apply thing but then it dissapeared :confused:
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  8. This is a great idea! :D
  9. Im looking at your wiki, LOL Aikar, creasy and possible Maxarias are on your staff list! LOL Did they actually join you?
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  10. Oh well...

    I'm still figuring out how to make it to where only I can edit it XD
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  11. The Five Villagers ___________________
    ____________ / \
    | _________ || All kinds of infinite villagers! |
    | |_|_|__|_|_| |\____________________/
    | ___| |___ | /
    | |___| |___| |_/
    |____ | |_____|

    The Five Villagers isn't just any infinite villager service! For one, we're part of Xinc_Industries, and also, we will make you and infinite villager for any villager that currently exists in Vanilla Minecraft.
    The prices:
    Librarian: 30,ooo r
    Priest: 35,000 r
    Farmer: 40,000 r
    Butcher: 40,000 r
    Blacksmith: 50,000 r
    1 month warranty: 100 r
    Insurance (covers half the cost of replacement): 5,000 r
    More info:
    • Our insurance covers any mishap that may happen to your villager.
    • Replacing a villager (without insurance) is half the price of the original villager. Proof of purchase is required for replacement.
    • Villager order form:
    • Warranty/Insurance order form:
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