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  1. Hey everyone.

    I joined Empire Minecraft well over a year ago. I first joined on my alternate account called Evvz22, that's why I'm still probably ranked "Member" or whatever. :confused:

    Anyway, the server I play on, smp3, is pretty much dead. I mean, it's got around 3-5 players on at a time. I just don't understand what has happened. I remember when I bought a membership because the server was so full I could never get on.

    I've been gone a lot lately because I've been promoted on a very large server and I need to help out a lot there. I am also a resource pack author, and that's rather time-consuming as well. However, I still like to play EMC with my friends, and I hate to see how there's less people online, because I think it's a really awesome and fun server.

    So, with that being said, I think we should come up with a plan to get the servers more crowded as they used to be. I don't mean for this to be a hostile or discouraging message to anyone here, I'm simply saying that the server's awesome, and we need more players. If the server was at full slots before, it can be again.


  2. I'm still alive on smp3 D: We need to either advertise smp3 more than 9 and 1 or get more people to join the ranks :(
  3. We ARE between updates right now, and its summer so i bet a lot of people are out of town right now. :3
  4. Yeah as importerer said, player numbers do go pretty low when the server is updating and new players probably drops even more, because a lot of people (particularly the ones who don't use the forums or pay much attention to in-game messages) have already updated. Now, I don't play SMP 3 but it's always lately been known as a 'quieter server' as some servers are currently doing better than others players numbers wise anyways. :) Hopefully aikar's efforts attract people to the server with the survival and group updates, but that is not guaranteed.
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  5. Smp 3, 6, and 8 get very lonely at times.
    The other 6 severs at least have a distributed amount of players, while smp 6 and 3 do not. It's really sad to see, that's why I think the advertised servers should be different then just 1. I am a avid player on EMC. I have been going on 9, 4, 1, and 2 lately, but, I rarely go on the others. But, I plan to, when I get more alts of mine supporters :p
    Anyways, the point i'm trying to prove is, regardless if it is summer here in the USA, it's winter for the other half of the world. So, that would not make a difference (correct me If I am wrong on this, I failed world science :p)
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  6. True, but do you play during the active hours of those countries?
  7. One of our biggest issues right now is currently our top priority that both Justin and Aikar are working on. When Mojang switched the process that it takes to sign up / sign in to minecraft to Mojang accounts instead of just Minecraft accounts, it semi-messed up our system that it takes to sign up for EMC. It's easy right now to get discouraged when trying to join and not being able to due to using incorrect information based on what Mojang is looking for to verify information compared to what it used to be.

    Maxarias worked super hard on the new tutorial and we're working on making it 1000x simpler and quicker to visit and join EMC. Once this is done, we're going to vamp up our advertising a bit more and should see a very nice steady flow of new members. Again, this is all being worked on as we speak and should be just around the corner after the 1.6 update is finished. :)
  8. Right now smp3 has 5 players.. others have around 10-20, smp9 has 25 and smp1 has 36.
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  9. There's one simple plan.
    a) EMC staff: try harder to make EMC fun place with more love and freedom and less fears and restrictions
    b) All: Tell your friends about EMC
    Love & Peace
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  10. a) We already do that and will continue to do so as we continue to grow. We won't stop enforcing our rules. They are there for a reason and all well thought out. :)
  11. I totally agree with you about the "simpler" idea. I think a lot of people don't bother to sign up because of the process.
    Good idea, I'm glad you guys are working on this :)

    Also a thing I might add, try to make sure the 1.6 update is as bug-free as possible, seeing as 1.6 has been buggy, if the server gets more buggy when 1.6 arrives on it, I think it will have a negative impact rather than a positive.

    Good luck!
  12. What the heck is that.png
  13. Dragon Tombs are a thing supposed to be coming to EMC when Aikar is done coding them. They're like randomly spawned dungeons you and a group will complete to win dragon eggs to claim land in the wild so that it can't be griefed.
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  15. The question is if you / we would like to have that people as playmates.
    My vote is for quality over quantity.
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  16. Quality isn't changing, it will always be important so there's no harm in adding a bit of extra quantity. :)
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  17. Smp2 has at least 5 people on all the time, and can get up to 40 sometimes.
  18. smp6 has at least 3-ish people at least on all the time, and can get up to 11 sometimes. At the moment of typing this, smp3 and smp6 are pretty much equal in people online... Sure that ICC head thing really brought people there... Didn't do much good judging by the fact EVERYONE LEFT AFTER IT WAS DONE.
    And yet we're still not listed as a quiet server on the minecraftforums EMC page. >.<

    Anyways, the fact that the tutorial is going to be faster to get through IS a little worrying.. I know EMC is a pretty much grief-free place, but still.. :/
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