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    Just Want To Share This Because Our Community Is More Then 50% Made Out Of Minors. This Advertisement Should Not (Never) Be Shown On The Forums. I Am Slightly Disappointment...
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  2. Those adds are based on your search history lol
  3. I agree
    and no there not
  4. Google adds are
    These adds are probably Google adds
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  5. well they must not be because I once saw a ad on Terria and have never played that game before and have never looked it up
  6. This Is A New Phone And I Have Never Searched This Topic So No...
  7. EMC uses Google ads to help fund it because donations alone won't pay for the hefty bill. They really have no say in what adds get used.
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  8. so really Google is too blame wow I did not see that coming at all :/...wait why does EMC have to pay money, if its a server created out of coding, is it the must be government always waants to take peoples freedom
  9. Obama care
  10. Can't be any worse then caps on every word lol
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  11. Nope, Not At All. The Problem Is That It Is A Dating Website, Some (Most) Parents Don't Want There Children To Chat With Adult Women Who Are Looking For A Date, I Think Everyone (Many) Get The Picture I Am Trying To Say.
  12. - Please don't type like this. It's annoying/cumbersome to read.

    - Google ads can also be based off of search habits on your IP address, so perhaps somebody else on your network.

    - Google ads can also be based off of your preferences, so you can always click the blue triangle in the corner of the ad and tell them that it's not relevant to you.
    Servers aren't free.
    1 Database Server ($189/mo) E5-1620 v3 CPU with 64GB of RAM, 480GB SSD + 2TB HDD
    3x Game Servers ($672/mo) E5-1650 v3 CPU with 64GB of RAM, 600GB SSD + 500GB HDD
    1x Web Server ($129/mo) E3-1230 CPU with 8GB of RAM, 2x500GB HDD in RAID 1
    1x Dev Server ($93/mo) Intel E3-1230 CPU with 16GB of RAM, 1TB HDD
    Yes they are, among other factors such as tracking cookies, IP traffic, and other things :)
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  13. You Will Get Use To It, Most Players Now I Write Like This First Viewers Complain But I Don't Care...
  14. There Is Always The /Report Button At The Bottum Left.
  15. This is not a matter of reporting something for breaking the rules. It's a matter of respecting the sanity of other people :)
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  16. Tahitan save some Arab Ladies for me <3
    come at me batman King
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  17. So there you get a perfect professional answer from xHaro, yet the topic is still about all the ways to be annoyed about the wrong use of capital letters. Smells like some serious attention problems.

    Additionally if you disagree with a thesis stop just denying it. You know it better? Then proof it. Although Haro has not delivered any sources I doubt he just made numbers up. So if you ask you probably get the source.

    These are not counter arguments. You want to talk about serious topics? Then be serious about it.

    And now from Meta back to topic:
    Dear concerned 21st century generation. Yes EMC is a place for minors. Also EMC is on the internet. You, dear 21st centurian, live in a world of digital information. That means information (like images) are ALL over the place. In fact they literally fly around you 24/7. So either send your kids to the very next Amish village (Nope there is no sarcasm do it if you want total control). OR you start accepting that its a) not possible to prevent kids from seeing stuff NOR does it make much sense. The task we have as adults is to keep children from harm AND guide them into adulthood. Hiding everything that doesnt fit your values is not guiding its putting kids on hold until you fail at hiding OR they start their adult life without beeing able to deal with the real world.

    When you let your kid on a computer connected to the internet and you are not prepared to see something that EASILY fits into the PG-13 description. Then there is something wrong with what you expect of the internet. And no this is not about EMC its about a computer with an internet connection.
  18. The prejudice and racism demonstrated on this thread is NEVER tolerated on EMC. Keep these kinds of thoughts to yourselves. The offending player should consider this as a warning. Thread cleaned up and locked because it has been addressed and answered.

    As for the ads themselves, I believe Aikar has a way to block and filter them. I recommend sending him a private message about it
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