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  1. Ok , so I was watching a vid on utube when my laptop lagged REALLY BADLY! I restarted my laptop but I kept lagging and I couldnt do barely ANYTHING on my desktop , including clicking on things in the hotbar ( \/ down there! ). I JUST managed to start up minecraft and mozilla firefox though! I suspect there is a virus but I can not access the Uninstalling part of the control panel because of the inability to click almost anything. I NEED HELP AND SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT TO DO! thank you for taking the time to read this.
  3. Ok , i Started the task manager ( ctrl + alt + delete ) and THAT lagged So I cant close things that way.
  4. hunter search any files u can think of that u don't need

    apart from the things I have open - mozilla and minecraft
  6. well I'm stumped how about turning it off for an hour-ish
  7. Try turning it off and starting it in Safe Mode/Safe Mode with networking. Then run your antivirus and other stuff.
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  8. :/ maybe that would work. But I'm stumped too. I think my comp. is broken forever.
  9. Ok , I managed to do SOMETHING and it started functioning like it normally does. I went to log off then cancelled after skype had closed. I then went to the control panel and uninstalled this program for skype called skype messenger plus. This is probably what was causing the problem. I appreciate The ideas guys! thanks!
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  10. nerd incoming. turn it off and TAKE OUT THE BATTERY. replace battery, then open in safe boot. then rn antivirus and see wha is taking up RAM.
  11. It is hard to tell what could be wrong unless it is in front of a repair person. But there are several things you should do on a regular basis which you may do already.
    Disc Clean - check all the boxes and clear out the old files, some of these are just reports generated buy the computer
    Defrag.. - this will reorganise your files and data that make up the files and programs on your computer this helps it run better

    As to you problem.... Do as Panda's said above

    Try do a system restore to a point before you had the problem,

    If this happened after downloading a program try removing it, also go to regedit and look for components of the program, To check click the menu in regedit select Find and put the name in and search. So if the program is called bread.... then look for bread.... if anything come's up and it looks like its was part of the program then delete it. You should do this several time's if anything does come up. Programs file strings of data in the registry to link it to key area's so you could have a few area's to check just click find next to look for more.

    It sound like you have a conflict with some programs or simply a button on the keyboard is stuck, as I said hard to tell over the net.

    I hope you get it sorted, and if your not confident in doing any of the above ask some one who has a better understanding at the worse you can should be able to do a factory reset but you will lose any and all data added to the computer including your own files and programs added to it after you bought it so try back up everything if you can before you do this.

    One other thing you can try is move any video, photo's, music etc files to an external device such as a usb stick, hard drive etc. Remove all un-wanted programs that you may have added to the computer, this will clear some memory which should also help improve the speed and reduce lag.

    These are only suggestions, some part or all of this may help or may not!!
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  12. Running antivirus is good but will not tell you what is taking up your RAM!!

    To check that open Windows Task manager, click the process tab and look at what program is using cpu. Look down the cpu column to see.

    When I have minecraft open the file javaw.eve is using around 45% of the cpu
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  13. He doesn't need to take out his battery, some nerd you are -.-
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  14. it is to reset everything. when u turn it off it is not all the way shut down. as i walk down the hall in school, teachers ask me for help with their computers. and what, may i ask, requires u to put me down?
  15. i meant it as 2 different things
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  16. Teachers ask me for help with computers too. I got the school to change their anti-virus when this virus got on the main server computer .___.
    It doesn't reset everything, it just changes the battery .-.
  17. That would be what you would do to turn it off during sleep mode.
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  18. Removing the power source is a valid step in making sure the computer is completely off. Some PCs will enter a shut down mode where they still have some components powered so that it can boot up faster. Although I would not expect it to be present on a laptop it doesn't hurt to try.
  19. THANK you!