[Selling] XP Bottles and Enchanted books

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  1. I made a small shop on my res, SMP1 428, My shop is officially relocated. You can find it at 534 on SMP 1.

    So /v 534 428 on SMP1 if you are looking for these items or just want to say hi. :)
  2. I want to go and buy them
  3. Wow, I sold enchanted books for a straight hour after this post. :)
    Still have everything is stock and I'll let you know when I get new enchanted book types in.
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  4. A lot of you guys came from different servers, do you think I should also sell armor/tools/weapons since you can not vault enchanted books?
  5. It's nice that you provide an anvil :D Books are fine with me!
  6. I'm poor because I bought too many
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  7. First day of being officially open and I can already tell I'm going to need a bigger shop :p

    I fixed the signs but it will only allow me to sell from slot 1 at this time. I will probably add a couple chest of each enchantment so people can buy them without me being there.

    I will be adding a place to buy armor, weapons, and tools soon.
    I will also be adding crafting rooms that people can lock. The rooms with have an anvil, ender chest, and crafting table. This will also serve as a safe room to break your XP bottles.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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  8. How much for XP bottles
  9. I will buy about 4 levels of XP bottles.
  10. At this time XP bottles are 4 for 65r or 64 for 1040r
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  11. Just got in some Looting III and Fortune III books.
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  12. What's your price for Looting III?
  13. 3092
  14. I'll buy from Eros, cos it's her ad :)
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  15. My shop is officially relocated. You can find it at 534 on SMP 1. I have access to every type of enchant so if you can't find what you are looking for let me know.

    I will be setting up already enchanted gear very soon. I will also take special orders if you want gear with specific enchantments on them, if you are interested just send me a PM. :)

    Oh, and sometimes I have dragons!

    and.... cinder kitten!?
  16. Ender Dragon?
  17. How can you have a ender dragon?
  18. erosego is magic, Lol jk It's Aikar using the disguise plugin. EDIT:Or Max, or IcecreamCow,or Shaun =P
  19. yup ;)