[Selling] Wither Skulls (CLOSED)

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  1. Selling Wither Skulls at /v +wither on smp6

    1 Wither Skull is 4,000 Ruppes

    10 Wither Skulls is 38,000 Ruppes

    20 Wither Skulls is 77,000 Ruppes

    Orders over 20 Skulls will get a bigger discount
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  2. Bumpdeboop
  3. How many do you have in stock atm?
  4. 67 right now

    But people are buying them
  5. Bump (Pm me for Bulk Deals)
  6. Little tip, you could put 1 chest, and just put 3 signs on in, this way the stock isn't split. :)
  7. Ty, if i'm ever out of stock just pm me and i will restock the chests as soon as possible
  8. Bumpdeboop!
  9. Bump! New prices added in!
  10. Bumpdeboop!
  11. Bump! The Skulls have been restocked, buy them before they run out!
  12. Bumpdeboop!
  13. Bump! New Prices are in, Skull are now Cheaper!!!
  14. Bump!!!!!
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