[SELLING] Voting Armor and a Voting Sword

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  1. Today I am selling a full set of voting armor!

    Here is a few things you will need to know about the voting armor and sword and the voting stuff in general!
    All the armor is unbreakable meaning that it will never die on you and it will last forever!
    The voting armor I am selling is mustanglover25's

    Here are the enchants for the armor:
    Helmet: Protection 1, respiration 3, aqua affinity 5
    Chest: Protection 3, Thorns 1
    Legs: Protection 2
    Boots: Protection 1, falling feather 5

    For the whole set of armor I am asking 300k (I've seen these go for this price)

    Remember all this will never break so you can have it forever.

    Preview signs are up on /v 16274 on smp8
  2. I am only selling the armor all together
  3. Is the sword iron or diamond?
  4. oh woops i forgot to add that. The sword is iron
    I have edited it in up above
  5. Is the gear yours or another's ?
  6. I will buy the sword for 60k
  7. Promo trades?
  8. The gear is mustanglover25's

    At the moment I am not doing promos trades, but maybe in the future.

    I'll do 70k but no lower
  9. The sword is now sold!
  10. I had literally 3 minutes to reply... Thanks
  11. The full set of armor has been reduced in price! Now selling at 525k
  12. New Price!!!! I will now be selling the full set of voting armor for 500k! Great deal! Get it while it's here.
  13. Bump Now selling the full set of armor for 475k!
  14. 475k is an awful lot, considering you can get the whole voters armour set in under 60 days...
    You are charging over 100k per piece of armour but you sold the sword for less (which takes longer to unlock) :p
  15. I saw a full set sell for 600k once
  16. Price depends on who it belongs to since their name is on it. Gear owned by staff or former staff will sell for a lot more than gear owned by someone who's only been around 2 months.
  17. The price is now 400k! Remember this armor will NEVER break! That means you can have it forever!
  18. Bumping! This is a great price!