[Selling] Various Promos and other Rare Items v.2

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  1. To purchase one of the items, either post below or send me a PM here on the website. I will mail you the item(s) you purchased once payment has been sent and confirmed. Thanks.

    1x Vault Voucher - 8k
    3x Stable Voucher - 7k
    4x Cupid Bow - 15k
    4x Stack of Cupid Arrow - 5k
    1x Trick-or-Treat Bundle - 65k
    1x Iron Supporter Voucher - 75k
    1x Gold Supporter Voucher - 150k
    1x Diamond Supporter Voucher - 350k
    3x Pot of Gold (Stackable/Unused) - 25k
    5x Dasher (unused) - 70k
    3x Mineral Mincer - 65k
    3x Chicken Skewer - 30k
    1x Marlix Bow - 60k
    3x Marlix Boots - 30k
    1x Marlix Leggings - 30k
    3x Marlix Chestplate - 30k
    3x Maxarian Head - 45k
    5x Labor Bench 2016 - 13k
    1x Labor Bench 2015 - 20k
    2x Meteor Bow - 15k
    1x Empire Firework 2015 (July 4th) - 15k
    2x Empire Firework 2016 (July 4th) - 10k
    1x Independence Day Firework 2015 - 15k
    3x Independence Day Firework 2016 - 10k
    1x ICC Flesh - 6k
    1x ICC Skin - 6k
    4x Birthday Cake 2016 - 15k
    1x Starter Gear (Helm, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots, Sword, Pickaxe) UNBREAKING 3 - Make Offer
    1x Starter Gear (Helm, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots, Sword, Pickaxe) UNBREAKING 1 - Make Offer
    Some misc. pieces of Starter Gear Unbreaking 1 (1 chest, 2 legs, 2 boots) - Make offer

    Disclaimer: The prices I listed are what I gathered from the forums and browsing other's shops. If I find that one of the prices here does not match its true market value (higher or lower), then I reserve the right to change the prices here accordingly.

    Prices listed are for one of each of the items listed. I will update the OP as things are sold. Thanks.

    EDIT: Once someone asks to purchase an item(s) on the list, I will reserve them for one day to receive payment. If I do not receive payment, I will allow them to be purchased by others.
  2. Can I have these (all)? :D

    6x Labor Bench 2016 - 10k

    I'll send payment tomorrow. Thanks! :)
  3. Sure. Once I receive payment I will mail all of them to ya. :)
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  4. May I have one of each bench?
  5. Sure. I haven't recieved payment from Tomvan yet and its now past when he said he would send payment, so I must assume he doesn't want them. Send payment and I will mail one of each to you. One of each totals to 30k :)
  6. Can I buy all remaining labor benches? The newer ones pls?
  7. Dang, you are the third person on this post asking for the labor benches. Perhaps I should up the prices eh? Heheh. :p

    But in all seriousness, if FacepalmRhy sends payment for the 2 benches he wanted, I will have 5 left over. So, if you want 5 2016 labor benches, that would work. However, it seems the demand for benches is high on my post, so I will bump up each one by 3k. It seems my prices for them are too low. Heh.

    OP updated as well.
  8. I sent you the 30k.
  9. Sorry, I got really busy with school, and as you can see by /p ing me ingame, I haven't been online in a few days. I'd still really like all, and will be able to pay this afternoon (I had tests and stuff today, but starting now the rest of the week isn't nearly as full. :p).
  10. Yup, and I mailed the items to you last night. Thanks. :)
    Alright, well, I have 5 labor benches left and because so many people were offering to buy the same promos I had to edit my OP and say that when people ask to purchase promos I will hold them for a day as I wait for payment. So, I waited the day for you, and now I am waiting on Vortixin because he asked for all the remaining benches as well. If a full day passes and he hasn't sent payment, I will wait on you again since you are still interested. :)
    I also want to draw your attention to the fact that I bumped the prices for the benches up because so many people are asking for them here, which tells me my prices were too low to start off with.
  11. [salty]So because I didn't have any time to pay you yesterday, and forgot to tell you so (because, as I said, I was really busy) I now can't get the items? Seems a bit off to me.[/salty]
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  12. I have to be fair to everyone bro. Sorry. You said you would send payment 'tomorrow' which at the time would have been tuesday before 2:38pm empire time. So, since you didn't follow what you said, I allowed FacepalmRhy to buy a few because he had the money ready and it was already past when you said you would pay.

    Now, Vortixin has asked for the remaining benches, I raised the prices as he is the 3rd person now to ask for the benches, so I will be checking with him to make sure that he still wants them now. If he doesn't or doesn't pay within a day, I will let you buy them again. Its only fair that I let others have a chance to buy it, as you had your chance a couple days ago. It would have taken less than half a minute to log into minecraft and send the payment. So I don't feel too badly about this.
  13. Just a note : vault voucher price (12k) is a little high. These days they are in the 8k range.
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  14. Oh, yeah. You are correct in that. I didn't catch that before I posted this. Thanks. I also updated the Stable Voucher accordingly.
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  15. Alright, Vortixin has not payed. You may now purchase the remaining 5 benches for 65k if you wish.
  16. I though I did?
  17. I do sure wish so, thanks. I'll pay within 24 hours. :)
  18. You did now. Heh. Thanks.
    Vortixin sent the payment to the wrong person haha. But he has paid now. So I don't have any more benches. Is there anything else I can get you though? I can give you a discount on something. I try to be fair to everyone, sorry if I upset you.
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