[selling] Utopian Skeleton Grinder!

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  1. Hey guys,
    im looking to sell a skeleton grinder on utopia. Im aiming to sell it for 15 - 20k.

    This grinder includes:

    - wheat, melon, pumpkin farm
    - a very efficient grinder its self (the room is excavated so that no matter where u r in the room skeletons will continuasly spawn)
    - a enchantment table
    - storage
    - anvil
    - crafting tables and furnaces
    - well hidden

    now, like i said im looking for around 20k for it. i will give u a tour before u pay. Remember only supporter's can buy this because its in the utopia wild.

    oh disclaimer,

  2. DARN. Utopia :(.
  3. bump! any1 interested?
  4. I might be. It might take a while for me to decide, though. 20k's a bit pricey...
  5. I'm very interested ill pay 18k
  6. this place to me is worth 20k it includes everything.
  7. 20k and u have a deal right now.
  8. I'll be on utopia right now
  9. Ummm im not entirely sure. But its not very good for his rep to buy something for 10k, and then pretty much right away turn around and sell it, just to make a profit. There were other people in that thread of marg's that would have made better use of it, and wouldnt have had to pay such a high price for it.
  10. reason im selling it is cuz im losing supporter soon.
  11. Then why did you buy it in the first place?...