[Selling] Utopia Dungeon Location

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  1. Q: What Type
    Q2: How far?
  2. I am not totally sure what kind of spawner it is because when I looked into the dungeon it had a bunch of monsters. It is very close to the spawn, I can supply a map displaying the location of it.
  3. I'm sorry, but how exactly were you able to look into a dungeon on Utopia?
  4. I can also supply you with the coordinates to a zombie spawner on SMP3 but I can't guarantee that it hasn't been found by someone else before me.
  5. I poked a hole in it using my pick axe. Didn't want to fight the mobs so I just closed it back up, marked the coordinates and kept on digging. This is a pretty fun server, just joined this week.
  6. Yah, but the thing is, Utopia wild is only available to gold and diamond supporters...
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  7. Also I forgot to mention I was on my buddy's account because he was paying me to mine for him while he was at basketball practice. That's how I got on Utopia lol, might become a supporter though, especially with flying added.
  8. His name is colesta1200, I go to school with him. His supporter thing expires soon so we have been taking turns mining like mad.
  9. OK, that makes sense then. You had me confused for a few minutes.
  10. Why? Did I find your dungeon lol.
  11. Um, because you're clearly not a supporter, and you probably wouldn't be able to get onto a supporter-only server with that. Lol.
  12. Makes sense, nice pic. Wanna purchase an untouched dungeon?
  13. Sorry, I don't really trust dungeon sells. This one is too vague- too much risk. Plus, you didn't post the link to the official Spawner Selling Guidelines forum.
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  14. how much??
  15. 2,000r and I didn't know that there was a spawner selling guidelines page.
  16. ok ill buy it
  17. wait... how far away is it??
  18. :eek:
    He's a hacker!!!
  19. Very close to the spawn. Surprised nobody has discovered it.