{SELLING} Turkey Slicer!

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  1. I've got a shiny new, unused Turkey Slicer up for sale! I'd like to get 40k for it. Please offer here or in game. Thanks!

  2. I'm told it's the finest Turkey slicer. I watched her meticulously sharpen it with a freedom blade for hours.
    Edit: I photobombed you :D
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  3. hehehehe xD
  4. BUMP! This is selling in shops for 43-46k! I WILL sell to a shop if this does not sell. Then you will have to pay much more than I am asking!
  5. 40k >.>
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  6. Is that an offer? xD
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  7. 40k may be posted in shops but you don't know if it's actually selling for that price.
    I've only seen them for for 27k
  8. Haha fish, you are AWESOME. <3

    and Deathconn, they're for sale for more than 40k in shops. so i lowered the price.