[PRICE CHECK] Some Promos

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  1. Labor Day Bench
    Turkey Slicer
    Independence Day Helmet
    Independence Day Chestplate
    Independence Day Leggings
    Independence Day Boots
    Freedom Blade
    Taste the Freedom Steak x1
    Maxarian Head (the promo one)

    How much are they worth?
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  2. Labor Day Bench - 20-25k
    Turkey Slicer - 35-40k
    Independence Day Helmet - 20-25k
    Independence Day Chestplate - 20-25k
    Independence Day Leggings - 20-25k
    Independence Day Boots - 20-25k
    Freedom Blade - 25k
    Taste the Freedom Steak x1 - 3k
    Maxarian Head (the promo one) - 15-20k (This is the only released version of the Maxarias head anyways :p)

    Those are some rough estimates for you :)
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  3. Was Gonna Comment Buy Fendy Here Has Every Price Down Pat.:cool:
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  4. thanks!
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