[selling] TRIPLE Cave Spider Farm

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by samsimx, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Today I am selling the coordinates to a TRIPLE Cave Spider Farm, smp3,there are 3 spawners in the range of an AFK player that will spawn cave spiders, the area is safe and is already setup in a system that kills the spiders automatically and puts the string into a chest - this setup can be changed though if you'd like to kill the spiders for AFK.I have a nether rail that goes right to the base where the spawners are located, it is about 2000 blocks long on the rail. At the moment it is setup for auto-kill AFK string farming. I have gotten 10+ DCs of string from this farm. If you are interested in this farm let me know in a PM.
    I am looking for 70,000r but the price is negotiable.
  2. Can this spawner also make XP? On which smp is it?
  3. Smp3, it can be changed into a farm for Xp, but I don't have it as that now.
  4. Ok thanks. :)
    I may be interested, the only problem is the price :p
  5. Pm me and we can talk price.