Selling stuff I'm broke!

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  1. Well ok so I just spent 70k on Saltar... so I then had 290r. I then further spent a bit more buying some supplies for a thing I'm doing... so I've ended up with only 10r!!!

    I will be selling some stuff, but I can't be bothered listing it here. If you are looking for anything, just comment and I'll tell you if I have it.

    Also I can do jobs etc. I'm a particular fan of pixel art, if you want to see my work here's the link >>>
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  2. Let me know what you own NOW..... :D
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  3. XD
  4. What do you have for sale?
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  5. Starter stuff, and candy xD
  6. Promos diamond and Quartz.... PM me.
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  7. I sold 200k + worth of quarts a few days ago :D
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  8. Lots of stuff, just name what you're looking for.
  9. e
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  10. I could buy you your horses xD
  11. Well... we know they got a Saltar... :p
    Love the pixel art...
    *puts thinking cap on*
    You any good at player statues?
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  12. Yh maybe you can make a me, on High's res ;)
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  13. XD
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  14. never done them before but I guess they seem pretty simple. Just need a pic of the player on all sides and hope that the colours are close enough :p
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  15. Yea I could lol
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  16. Yay! Would you like that HighLancer? xD
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  17. aha can you send me a pic of you on all 4 sides I'll make a draft on singleplayer (hooray first ever lol)
  18. Highlancer ^
  19. wha...?
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