[SELLING] Some voter's gear

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  1. i have some unneeded voter's gear so i thought
    why not sell it to some peeps who will use it :p

    so i have following items:
    - Mr_Chest's voters axe (iron)
    - Mr_Chest's voters shovel (iron)
    - Mr_Chest's voters hoe (iron)
    - Mr_Chest's voters shears
    And his full voters armor :D

    Interested in any of these items :p
    plz tell me and give an offer :)
  2. I'd like the armor, his helmet, leggings, qnd boots. How much for those?
  3. I really don't know, but how about 45k?
  4. 45k for the full set or per piece?
  5. 45k for the helmet, leggings, and boots :p

  6. thats really low :/
  7. Are the shears diamond? jk
    How much for the axe?
  8. did you ever see diamond shears? xD
    and offer
  9. hmmm can you do 35k
  10. Sticking to 30
  11. Would you be interested in trading? I only want the chest and legs, and maybe the tools
  12. Full voters armor for 100k?

    250k for everything?
  13. sorry everyone
    everything is sold :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.