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  1. I will be updating this thread occasionally with new items to sell.

    Marlix Helmet

    • 15,000r
    Blaze Rods- 7DC

    • 9,000r/DC
    • Buy signs at (5717@pickup)
    • Special Offer: If you wish to buy 3DC or more, PM me and I will give you the price of 8,000r/DC! :+1: :thumbsup:
    Clearing out my Promo Collection (only the ones that have no sentimental value ;)), all promos will be delivered via mail upon payment. All promos are unused unless otherwise stated or there is no way to tell if they have been used or not. If you want a picture(s) of any item(s) let me know and I can provide one.

    2014 Birthday Cake

    • 40,000r
    Maxarian Head x2

    • 80,000r/ea
    2014 Headless Horseman Mask

    • 45,000r
    Used Pot of Gold x2

    • 10,000r/ea
    Pi Pie x8

    • 40,000r/ea
    2013 Holiday Pick

    • 500,000r
    2014 Independence Head, Chest, Pants, Boots, and Do Not Claim Freedom Blade

    • 2,150,000r
    • I am only willing to part with the full set including the blade
    2014 Holiday Candle x2

    • 25,000r/ea
    100k Members Sharpshooter Bow x2

    • 35,000r/ea
    2013 Empire Firework New Years

    • 115,000r
    2015 Independence day Firework x3

    • 25,000r/ea
    Meteor Bow x4

    • 10,000r/ea
    ICC Valentines Day Head

    • 5,000,000r
    2015 Trick or Treat Bundle

    • 65,000r
    Liberty Sword x5

    • 25,000r/ea
    2013 Haunted Head

    • 145,000r
    2012 New Years Empire Firework

    • 280,000r
    Pickup for any items purchased is on Utopia (/v 5717 pickup), if buying promo items or elytra they will be mailed.
  2. bumping this
  3. bump, added sand and the elytras
  4. bump, removed the sand and added diamonds
  5. bump, added 5dc of sandstone
  6. still available
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  7. Hey buddy, thanks for bumping the thread. Do you still have the XP Bottles? If they're available, I'll pick up 2 DC's ASAP, please and thank you!
  8. There might be a buy sign at pickup area unless I forgot to do that...

    If there is no buy sign, I am currently at work, I will be home at 7am EMC time- I can give access then...
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  9. I stopped by but didn't see any buy signs for them. Hehe, I'll be waking up at 7 am to go to work. Can I pay now and pick up later? Thanks
  10. I will set up access when I get home from work in 4 hours... You can pay now or when you pick up. :)
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  11. Access is set up! Thanks :).
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  12. Bumping again, havent added anything new but the old stuff is still available :)
  13. Added 2DC blaze rods
  14. Added some promos. I only kept a few in my collection that arent for sale due to sentimental value or because maybe the price will one day go up a bit lol. Let me know if you want any of them and they will be mailed after I confirm I still have it in stock and you have paid.
  15. EXP Bottles
    "Looking to get 8r/bottle= 26,648/DC"

    I would like 1 DC for 26,648r please. :)
  16. Please pay and access will be located at (5717@pickup), setting up access as soon as my game launches lol.
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  17. Should like the 2015 Cupid Bundle. 65,000r

    Will pay later today