[SELLING] Some Stuff

Discussion in 'Selling' started by AmusedStew, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Went ahead and mailed it to you now :).
  2. Could I buy the 2013 Labor Bench, the 2014 Remembrance Poppy, the Bubble Boots, and the Love Potion no. 9? :D
  3. Sure! The total is 305,000r (if I did the math right ;))! I am about to head to work so I am unable to mail the items until 6am EMC time. :)
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  4. The payment has been sent!
  5. Mailed :)! Thanks!
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  6. bump promos still available!
  7. i would like the sc of xp bottles please?
  8. I will set up access in about 5 mins (5717@pickup on Utopia), please pay when you go to pick up! :)
  9. Ok will do!
  10. If you still got a DC of XP bottles, would love to buy a DC from you! :D
  11. All out of xp bottles, sorry!
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  12. No worries, thanks anyways!
  13. 13.5k right?
  14. 8r/bottle whatever the math coes to.