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  1. Where to buy?: Utopia (/v 5717@pickup)
    Items are as follows:
    Sand Price: 6000r/DC
    Quantity Available: 4DC
    Its normal sandstone, dont feel like changing gif to png.
    Sandstone Price: 7000r/DC (~130r/stack)
    Quantity Available: 1.5DC
    Glowstone Price: 60000r/DC (~1111r/stack)
    Quantity Available: 1DC
    Exp Bottles: 60000r/DC (~1111r/stack)
    Quantity Available: 1SC (I have more at res 4014 on smp2 (~3DC))
    Dragons Breath: 250r/stack
    Quantity Available: 23 stacks
    Enchanted Elytra (enchants in pic): 85k/each
    Quantity Available: 2

    End Stone Bricks: 30k/DC
    Quantity Available: 1DC
    Most items listed use shop signs by the SC!

    Thread will regularly update so stay tuned as items will be removed and/or added!
  2. There ya go AmusedStew, your op has been edited. =]
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  3. Looks like the Stew has got some Competitive prices going. Cami and the other guy better watch out. Stews taking their business.
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  4. Not taking any business atm. I plan to, this is just a... startup so to say. :)
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  5. Would I be able to purchase from you 2 DC's of sandstone? :D

    EDIT: Able to pay in a few hours
  6. Theres a shop sign... its in big yellow text at the top... I shall enlarge the text.
  7. Sorry, I thought that's where pickup was once you purchased the item :p
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