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  1. bump, elytra price lowered. I know some are selling cheaper but I heard from a few people they were still making sales at 150-200k. :)
  2. Added a DC of endstone brick and lowered the elytra price to the current market price! :)
  3. heya stew... i bought your glowstone and then realized I didnt need as much as i bought....want to buy it back? (i dont want to sell it to another shop from under you :p ) you dont even have to buy it back for as much as I spent lol as it was my mistake XD
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  4. I do not mind you selling to another shop, however if you cannot find another shop to sell to I could buy it back.
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  5. ill take a look around :)
  6. bump, Lowered elytra price to 85k