Selling Sand And Sandstone

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  1. Its a very popular problem that people have some sand issues and maybe even cobble but i can get all of it because of my secret places but il place the prices below i live in smp5 and my res number is
    /v mini40000

    Stack Of Sand/20r
    Stack Of Sandstone/40r
    Stack Of Cobble/10r

    TIP:My res is now open
    Warning:I only take orders that dont have more than 10 stacks in them
  2. I buy sand, sandstone, and cobble at those prices at my selling shop at 1215 on SMP1. So come check it out sometime.
  3. 1 double chest of cobble please 540r.
  4. I don't have more perms to your res - please reserve a double chest of cobble and sandstone for me :)
  5. Yeah.. kinda weird someone trys to sell stuff while at the same time not allowing people into their res. :p
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  6. Hey mini4000, Go on to your res in Emc and try typing /res set move true
  7. Hey mini, could you get me 800 sandstone? That translates to 12.5 stacks. So, 500r. Thanks.
  8. Im not gona give everyone my private res flag so... u can order it here in the thread and il give the move perms than when i have ur order
  9. Il try to but i cant tel u the time when its gona be ok?
  10. Well its my private
    res u order it here and later when i have ur order i give u perms
  11. Well u can order these things here so il try
  12. Thanks.
  13. Double Chest Of cobble Please! 540r
  14. I'll basically buy "as much as you have", at those prices.

    For example, 10 double-chests of sand, 10 of sandstone, and 10 of cobble. Do you have that much?
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  15. Just saying, you cant have a secret source of sand, as all the deserts are visible on the live-map.
  16. 3 double chests of Reg. Sandstone.
  17. ill buy a double of sand for 30r a stack so a total of 1,620r
    or ill buy 2 dbl cheasts of it for 4,000r or 37.037037r a piece.
    thanks :)
  18. 3 double chests of sandstone please. :)
  19. Ill buy all your sandstone for the SMP1 Casino...

    How much you have left/selling?
  20. i want a 2 stacks of sand plz that should be 40 rupee :D