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Discussion in 'Selling' started by Silken_thread, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. In a process to tidy up around my Mall /v 13131 smp6
    I appear to have made more mess :D adding bulk items for sale
    I have also set some big reductions on iron, stone and several other items around the shop

    I have decided to expand this area and add a few items I have had lying around

    Tools and Armour have also had a tidy and a few new items added

    Come check it out before it sells out


    This could be permanent
  2. I just bought some bulk gunpowder, how you ended up with that many pistons seems crazy to me! :p
  3. I have so much cobblestone I had to use it somewhere :D
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  4. Plenty more gunpowder in stock :D
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  5. Re-stocked iron blocks and pistons, also set signs up on the Gunpowder

    These are bulk buy items get them while they are hot off the press
  6. 32 DCs of Gunpowder on sale at @ /v 13131 to the back of teleports on top of res
  7. Time for a Bump
  8. ....I was taking a bath ....
  9. ..and the rubber ducky fell off the shelf...
  10. Badger badger badger

  11. Ink Sacks now back in stock lower price 64 for 224r