Selling Residences 412 and 413 SMP 1

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  1. These are residences located by JustinGuy Tribute on Smp1.
    I used 413 as my residence for my mega mall for a very long time before I moved to 2000.

    If anyone would like to purchase one or both of these plots from me feel free to leave a comment on this thread and we'll see if we can get a bidding war on these if anyone desires these that much? :) If nobody wants to purchase these from me, that's fine. I will end up claiming different residences and they will be open if anyone can catch them before someone else claims them. So like I said 412 & 413 available for purchase. Go!
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  2. In MY observation, I believe that these residences won't sell for a good price, because, 1) Barely any knew JustinGuy, and 2) It is a residence
  3. Doesn't matter to me what they sell for, I'm just giving anyone the opportunity to purchase them before someone can randomly claim them.
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  4. I would not bid on this but I would imagine someone would pay for it. The res has some history as EMC's greatest mega mall. Someones goes to the res expecting to find the old 413 and come across a new mega mall (if they decide to build one there). If i was going to build a mall I would pay 30k+ on the spot.
    Most people know justinguy. He is not forgotten, he is a legend. New players do not know him but the people who are active on EMC do. People do not know JustinGuy in the same way nobody knows Nikola Tesla. A man who was never really in the public eye but his name and legacy will always be with us. A pure genius.
  5. I'll pay 5k for it >.>
  6. For which plot haro?
  7. 413
  8. Will buy the residence. Do I have to claim it or will I get ADMIN perms?
  9. You get to claim them both for yourself.
  10. Don't let 413 go to waste and give admin to them then unclaim it
  11. I would've paid for one but I have both of my residences on SMP6 adjacent to each other.. And there is too much work on both residences to abandon one relatively quickly.. o3o
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  12. What's the current bid? I'm interested.
  13. I think current bid for 413 is 5000r.
  14. I'll pay 15000r (15k) for 413 and 412.

    When will I win? And if this is an auction, please title it accordingly
  15. Minimum bid increment 1k
    Last bid after 48 hours will be deemed the player(s) who will have won the plots.
  16. You cannot auction a res. You can sell a res but not have a full auction on the forums.
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  17. How will he decide who won the right to buy it?
  18. Pm me offers, then I'll announce winner lol.
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  19. What if someone says 10k and I said 9k? I would go up to 15k in a heartbeat, but I wouldn't know that they offered 10k so I would have no reason to increase my bid.
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