Selling Residence 5381 - The Great Froggy Fairytale on Utopia

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  1. Just what it says. The frog is up for sale. Please send me your offers. I'll give it till Monday at 11:59 pm to submit your offers. You will be responsible for your portion of transfer fees as well which is 50k for ownership change on Utopia. This will not come out of your purchase price.

    This is a large build featuring a pond, gigantic frog with storybook disc, secret garden interior with lots of nooks and crannies in the appendages. Great for events or just having a private res inside a statement piece.

    You can visit all ya want. Entrance is underneath in it's belly. You'll see a light there and an open block to float in. You must have the appropriate supporter status to own this res or it can't be transferred. All containers there are included. I'll get preview signs on them but it's just random building items and dcs of wood. Nothing special.

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  2. I just realized some of you may be wondering why in the hell I'm selling a res on a server I don't play on anymore. Well, when I self destructed my other residences I still kept things in my vault just in case I couldn't find a different place to play or have a change of heart. Well I have found a place I'd rather be and so there's no need for me to keep things in my vault or these other residences. I'm planning on holding a last giveaway and the monies earned from this will be part of that. Just in case anybody was wondering
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  3. Bump. 2 bids so far. Will be sold tomorrow at 1159 pm
  4. One last reminder! Get your offer in before 11:59 pm EMC time TODAY! Monday, September 12, 2022
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  5. Froggy has sold. Admins can you please close this thread. Thank you
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