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  1. Residence 10017 right in front of mobarena on smp5 is up for sale. :)

    If you purchase this residence you will not only get a piece of prime real estate but also all of the diamonds, emeralds, quartz and beacons on the residence!

    Please look around at /v 10017, the only thing not included in the deal are the chests on the residence which will be removed upon your purchase.

  2. Bump with a bit of an update!

    The res 10017 was sold, but the building on the residence was not bought and just moved to another Mob arena residence, 10018!

    If you are still interested in a mob arena residence and lots of shiny blocks please find me so we can talk about a price. :)
  3. Please make sure whoever buys this doesn't take it down, I love staring at it :rolleyes:
  4. So I'm still looking to get rid of this build, it is now at residence 10018 though, which is on the side of mob arena. :)
  5. Shiny... I might buy it if it doesn't cost to much.
  6. Couple million
  7. Ah so an affordable piece of real estate eh?
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  8. How bout straight up for a DC of Chicken eggs? These things are FRESH!
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  9. I had asked about this very thing ingame and I was told we canot sell residences with houses/structures like this. The residence will reset back to empty. I am not complaining because I would like to be able to buy and sell houses with lots. Is there a special way to transfer the lot or something with everything intact?
  10. /res changeowner. New command does that.
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  11. Couple MILLION!? O_O
    Maybe I should just stay out of the real estate business for a couple *cough* hundred *cough* years.
  12. Or just get into the chicken egg market. You can make DOZENS of rupees!
  13. I was preferring that people just PM me offers and such but some people who have contacted me seem to have a skewed mindset of how much something like this costs. :rolleyes:

    I'm currently looking for 4,500,000r for the whole residence which includes everything except I'll be removing the chests I have on the residence. Not only do you get more than a double chest of diamond blocks but you also get beacons, quartz, emeralds and the prime real estate next to mob arena. :)

    If I don't have any offers for the res in about a week? I'm just going to be taking down the build and selling everything individually, just wanted to give the option of wholesale to someone!
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  14. So thats a no go on the chicken eggs right?
  15. Lol, me and deathconn are bidding against each other atm. We're up to 5.1 mil
  16. I'm still poor lol.
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  17. Would like to thank everyone for your interest in buying the residence but it has been sold. :)
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  18. Congrats!
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  19. Aww.. I was getting ready to drop a whole 20 rupees on that ish


    Congratulations on the sale