[Selling] Random Promos

Discussion in 'Selling' started by SteamingFire, Sep 7, 2023.

  1. Selling the following promos, prices negotiable:

    Iron Supporter Voucher: 55k
    Vixen (unused): 65k
    Avalauncher (annual): 7k
    2023 Birthday Cake: 10k
    12th Birthday (candle): 20k
    2023 Birthday Cookie: 50k
    chickeneer's Head (12th Birthday): 200k
    Independence Day Firework (2023): 10k
    Boom Firework: 25k

    Please include if you want to pick-up, drop-off, or mail the promos.
    Pick-up: I place a chest on my res for you to pick up the promo.
    Drop-off: You place a chest on your res for me to drop off the promo.
    Mail: I /mail you the promo. You must pay the mail fee.

    I will update this thread as promos go on and off the list.
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