[SELLING] Rainbowchin head

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  1. I will review all offers over 50k please do not make rediculosly low-ball offers
  2. 70k sound allright?
  3. ill counter offer with 100k
  4. Deal! I have paid you, please mail me the head
  5. Worth 250k fyi
  6. Yup. Some people will take advantage of anyone.
  7. What Kloned said.
  8. seriously? i sold like nine for 75k each, and even then people said I was overpriced :(
  9. RainbowChin's head doesn't go up for sale very often, it really depends on how much the buyer is willing to pay it for.
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  10. I have seen 50k-300k. Either way I was happy with the sale ;)
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  11. Obviously you were happy with the sale, you clearly got it at the low end of the spectrum.
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  12. Hahah, I suppose. But to be fair it was his offered price. I hope JDog isnt upset about it
  13. Well..
    Sounds like he feels you took advantage of him. I assume he didn't actually know the market price for them and was guessing. Whether or not taking the deal before anyone had a chance to inform him of the price, eh..
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  14. Well, agreed, but when selling a rare item it should be researched and stuff pricewise, IMO. A sale is a sale. I had to stretch to get the money at the time too, hahah, needed like 25 extra thousand :p
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  15. Also, it's not like I am going to resell the head or profit off of it, nor put it in a personal collection. It'll be going in a public head museum where other people can see it and appreciate it. Either way I appreciate the sale in a similar fashion. Sorry, JDog.
  16. this was his wish really.
    he wanted an offer over 50k
    if he wanted to know the price, he should have gone for a price check first. so i dont really see any advantage taken, he got a offer over 50k
  17. I second that
  18. I 110% disagree with this. That's like somebody buying a diamond supporter voucher for someone and asking for anything above 100k. Any courteous person should have told him he was ripping himself off and possibly offered something more reasonable like 340k if applicable. If you take that offer for 100k and the other person spends their hard earned money to give you that much higher valued item for less than 1/3 of the price, that is wrong. I have certainly gone through several situations where somebody offers to sell me something for much less than market value and I'll counter back with something at least realistic to the market price and inform them of the mistake they could have potentially made.

    Taking the deal was wrong, in my opinion.